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Lifestyles Snugger Fit Condoms Review
Oct 8, 2015

Designed specifically to deliver added stimulation and a natural feeling unlike any other name brand condom the Lifestyle snugger fit has a tighter fit and is Ultra sensitive with a unique natural color. Lubricated to give an extra glide feeling and has a low latex scent.


Although the snugger fit may be shorter and narrower than your standard condom. They are ultra-sensitive and designed to deliver the added stimulation. These condoms are recommended for members who are around 5" long or less. The contoured head is what offers the increased sensation and sensitivity while the tailored shaft offers the secure and tighter fit. Taking advantage of the unique size and shape of Snugger Fit Condoms doesn't mean that you will have to sacrifice quality. The new purple packaging replaces the old blue thick wrappers. Lifestyle's Snugger Fit condoms are the same as the discontinued Exotica Snugger once sold. These new purple packages add the style and privacy needed.


Many women may feel anxious during sex, especially if their partner is on the smaller side, because they are worried the condom may fall out. Since other condoms may be too big, these will fit perfectly. The shaft and the head portions of the condom measure 49mm in diameter, while the area under the head contracts to 44mm in diameter. Since the snugger fit is more narrow than most, its length of 180mm makes it only slightly shorter than average. The thickness of .07mm is average. They are available in a convenient 3-count pack or Country packs of 12, 24, 48 and 144.


Lifestyles Snugger Fit condoms offer the same protection against HIV/AIDS, STIs and pregnancy as other popular Lifestyles condoms styles, and each condom goes through the brand’s rigorous safety and reliability testing process before they are sent out to market.


Lifestyle is a brand of condoms made by the Australian company Ansell Limited, previously known as Pacific Dunlop Limited. While the brand has evolved and changed over time to stay relevant, Lifestyles has always stood high for safety and more reliability. This consistency has helped it to have outstanding performance in many countries across the globe. Lifestyles are produced to the highest global standards. Lifestyles are the first condom brand to target the female market, the first brand to advertise their products on MTV and the first manufacturer of condoms with a website on the Internet. They offer a wide variety of sizes, flavours, colours and textures. Each Lifestyles condom has a water-based lubricant, offers a great fit and has a high level of sensitivity.




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