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Little Dipper Position!
Apr 13, 2015


What is meant by the Little Dipper Position? 


The Litter Dipper Sex Position

Image Source: badgirlsbible.com


The little dipper sex position is an exotic sex position where the female partner lowers herself onto her male partner from an elevated position. The male partner must be lying on his back below the female partner. She then steadies herself above him using any two pieces of furniture. The little dipper sex position is great for providing a workout for the female partner’s triceps and her shoulder muscles. This position has caused some people to call it a form of "sexercise."


However, this workout can be very intense for many females as they find that their arms get tired long before they're satisfied sexually. Another variation that is less strenuous for the ladies is where the woman holds herself in place while the man lifts himself up to thrust in and out. You can also slightly vary the position by placing pillows underneath the man’s backside. This extra elevation allows for deeper penetration. The pillows also reduce the distance the woman has to "dip," which makes this position easier to manage.


Once in this position you can't really get out until you are done, so make sure that you have your condom on and lubricant ready to go before you get in position. This position is great for anal and vaginal fun!


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