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Magnum Condoms
Apr 13, 2015

Magnum condoms are specifically designed to have more width and girth than most regular condoms, while retaining their snug and safe fit.  It’s not uncommon for people to be confused about the differences between Magnum condoms and standard-size condoms.  It is a fact that there is a difference in size, although not be as once believed.  Magnum condoms are about 15% larger than other condoms, making them a smart choice for those having problems with using regular condoms. The difference may seem small with 1 cm more or less girth than regular condoms, magnum condoms is a great option for those who need some extra room to work with. 


Condoms is available in several different sizes, this includes:

  • Trim fit
  • Snug fit
  • Regular
  • Extra Large
  • XX-large
  • Magnum


There is no set length or width for each size. Magnum condoms are designed for the guy that is around 8 inches long and 2 inches of girth.  Magnum condoms can obviously vary between brands making it important to try them out for yourself and determine the most comfortable fit. Make sure you are putting them on correctly.  Some condom users use the wrong size over and over again because they don’t how to put the condom on correctly.  A condom must fit snugly without being overly constrictive and they must cover the entire length of the penis when unrolled.


 Is a Magnum Condom right for me?


 For those who are new to using condoms, it’s generally recommended to start with a standard size condom first to see how it fits and then moving on to either bigger or smaller styles as needed.  Jumping into a size that may be bigger than what you need is never a good idea, as it increases the chance of the condom falling off during sex and increases the risk of transmitting bodily fluids to your partners.  Be sure that you’ve got the correct fit before having sex in order to get the most protection out your condoms and always keep an eye on expiration dates for maximum effectiveness. To see if magnum condoms will work for you, try one on for size.  If you see any baggy areas or notice any slippage during use, try moving down a size or try a different brand.  It may require some initial guesswork to find the size that works best for you now, before the mood hits. 




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