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Make him your Sex Expert!
Apr 10, 2015

Here are a few things to make him your Sex Expert!

Take Control of his foreplay, it is the first step in making him a sex expert.  Show him exactly how you want your clit to be touched.  Teach him how hard and fast you want him to touch you.  We all know that men think the faster and harder they touch will give us a more powerful orgasm.  And of course we know that isn't true and we should teach our men how we want to be touched. One way to show him is to guide his fingers on your clit a few times.  Use his finger to make small circles in either direction to hit all the nerves.  You can even use the tip of his pecker if you are both lying on the bed facing each other. 


Add a lube first; a warming one would be great for both of you! Next step in your sex expert teachings is to teach him all about what he needs to do orally.  Have him suck and lick your clit.  He should know approximately the pressure that you will need since he probably has already been taught how to rub your clit.  He can change up his movements up a bit too. Slow flicks of his tongue, fast short ones, and a short or long suck. 


Try a flavored lube here to help him out a bit Next up in the sex expert training is making sure that your clit still receives some loving while you are having intercourse.  So many times the clit doesn't get any attention which can slow us women down.  This is the perfect time for some thumb action while you are on top.  If you are in a missionary position you can guide him with his tushy to thrust slowly and deep so your clit rubs on his pelvic bone.  In dog you can do it yourself or he can reach around.  In any of these positions bullets work wonders, as well as vibrating cock rings.  My favorite is the Petite Treat.  It is able to hit just right and you can control the vibration speed.





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