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Mutual Masturbation!
Apr 13, 2015

Mutual Masturbation: 

Masturbation is often considered to be a solo act. However, many people also enjoy mutual masturbation. Mutual masturbation is therefore defined as two or more people masturbating in the presence of the others. There's no one correct way to do it, it can be practiced with the lights on or off, one participant at a time or all at the same time.


It's all a matter of what you and your partner are comfortable with. In addition to the potential benefits of masturbation, this is considered a safe way where people can explore sexual activity with others without risking pregnancy or contracting STDs, The reason is that partners are not touching each other ensuring that there is no risk of infection or pregnancy.


Some of the benefits of mutual Masturbation: It is ideal to provide sexual pleasure and intimacy before the partners are ready for physical sex with each other. It teaches people what kind of touch their sex partners like. Males benefit from masturbation because it can be a way to deal with erectile dysfunction, stress release and discover new techniques on how to prolong orgasm. The best way to discover the pleasures of an orgasm is to masturbate and see what feels good. Then when you are ready to have sex with your partner, you will know what works for you. It is a fantastic way to help your partner understand and learn what turns you on, and it can turn them on as well.



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