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One Brand Condoms - Bring Design And Ideas Together
Mar 25, 2016

There are many different brands of condoms on the market today. Just like any other product, some brands are trusted more than others. When it comes to condoms, reliability is the most important factor. Today I will be discussing ONE brand condoms. We'll go over just about as much information as you need to help you decide if this is the brand for you and your partner.

ONE Brand condoms bring design and ideas together with condoms. Each style of ONE condoms features many different themes and designs that are constantly changing, so everyone will find at least one condom they love. Be who you are and there will always be ONE for you. Created by the most innovative condom company in the world, Global Protection Corp, ONE Brand condoms are designed with unbeatable quality, comfort, and reliability. Available at Rip n Roll in 6 styles. Choose ONE. Put one on. There’s one for men, one for women, one for everyone.


Global Protection is the industry's fastest growing condom distributor and manufacturer, featured in Inc. magazine, on The Inner City 100 List for 2002, 2003 and 2004 as one of America's fastest-growing inner city companies. As a recognized leader in condom marketing and distribution, Global Protection's mission is to make condoms as socially acceptable as toothpaste and safer sex as second nature as wearing a seatbelt.


To realize that mission, Global Protection distributes a wide variety of brand names and product lines. From condoms and lubricant to dental dams and educational supplies, Global Protection is the largest Master Distributor of sexual health products and guarantees the lowest prices. Additionally, customers have access to proprietary outreach supplies not available anywhere else, including condom pops, condom keychains, condom beads, seasonal items, pamphlets, and more.


ONE's mission statement:


ONE products are uniquely designed for safe, healthy, enjoyable sex between caring partners. We work closely with customers, communities, partners, and health professionals to:


1. Produce better, safer pleasure products through advanced designs and technologies.

2. Make safe sex more fun by involving our fans and customers in the development of new products and programs.

3. Promote physical and emotional health by encouraging open conversations about sex and sexuality.

4. Provide free information and condoms for those who need it most through local outreach programs financed by proceeds from each sale.

Condomania.com has several ONE brand options. Here are just a few.

ONE Pleasure Plus is a latex condom made by ONE. This revolutionary condom earned an A+ rating from Men's Health magazine way back in 1994. Both men and women love ONE Pleasure Plus condoms because of the extra sensation caused by a unique loose pouch designed to rest below the head of the penis. They are specifically designed to enhance sensation through the use of shape and design, ultimately providing a looser fit, which allows the nerve endings to remain at their most receptive. Among frequent condom users, 89% of men and women preferred the Pleasure Plus condom. ONE® Condoms are a fusion of advanced product design and are a fusion of advanced product design and leading-edge manufacturing technology. Made with an advanced latex formula called Sensatex, ONE Condoms are softer, smoother, clearer and purer, providing a more pleasurable experience for both of you. When you choose ONE®, you're making a real difference in the lives of others. ONE® donates a portion of each sale to HIV prevention efforts at home and abroad. Each condom has been electronically tested to guarantee reliability. ONE Pleasure Plus Condoms feature a variety of unique designs and are packaged as assortments.

Flavor Waves Condoms by ONE features the same quality and reliability of ONE condoms with a unique flavored taste and 6 fun, sweet-inspired wrappers. Choose from Banana Split, Mint Chocolate, Island Punch, Chocolate-Strawberry, Bubblegum or Fresh Mint! Flavor Wave Condoms by ONE are the next generation of condoms. Flavor Waves are made with Sensatex, a safer, smoother, clearer, purer form of latex. All ONE brand condoms feature innovative round foils, full-color, centered graphics, and witty ONE liners. ONE condoms are softer, smoother, clearer and purer, providing a more pleasurable experience for both partners. Features of Flavor Waves Condoms by ONE: Straight-walled shape Ultra-thin latex formulation Reservoir tip Average Width: 53 mm. Average Length: 192 mm Lubricated for comfort and sensitivity Made from premium quality latex Helps prevent pregnancy and STDs Electronic testing ensures reliability & U.S. strength standards Compatible with water or silicone lubricants Standard size -- fits most men Long expiration date guaranteed One Condoms are a part of the Global Protection Group and that is awesome because a portion of every purchase goes to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts in Africa. Oh-and their circular packets and sturdy tin packaging beat every other basic condom any day.

Tantric One Condoms: ONE Tantric Pleasures were designed for the ultimate mind-body experience. Each condom was created using a new technology that creates a ribbed exotic design on each condom. Tantric Pleasures condoms feature an easy roll shape which includes a little extra breathing room at the base and tip for increased comfort. There are 3 separate designs in each pack, Maori, Tribal & Titan. Please note: Condomania reserves the right to make substitutions for any unavailable condoms.

Glowing Pleasures Condoms are latex condoms made by ONE. Expose ONE Glowing Pleasures Condoms to light for 30 seconds for up to 30 minutes of glowing fun! ONE Glowing Pleasures Condoms feature a technologically advanced, non-toxic phosphorous pigment sealed between two thin layers of regular latex. ONE Glowing Pleasures Condoms feature a variety of unique glow in the dark themed designs and are packaged as assortments. They are lubricated for comfort and sensitivity and made from premium quality latex. They are compatible with water or silicone lubricants. Electronic testing ensures reliability & U.S. strength standards. They are the first and only FDA-approved glow in the dark condoms. ONE Condoms are softer, smoother, clearer and purer, providing a more pleasurable experience for both partners. Note that the glow does not extend the full length of the condom. They are a standard size, but some customers may find these snug. Their straight-walled shape also features a reservoir. FDA approved for the prevention of pregnancy and STDs. If you’re looking for something similar, check out ONE Color Sensations or ONE Flavor Waves.


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