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Organic Lubes and Condoms for Safe Sex
Apr 19, 2016

A Safe Environment written by: prettykitty Good news to health conscious people! You are given the opportunity to care not only about your wellness, but also make a smart choice for our planet at the same time. Great options are given to you even when in the bedroom, more so, while enjoying great sex, through the all-natural, chemical-free and non-toxic lubes and condoms made available for you. See them at condomania.com and view our huge selection of products designed to fit your needs.

Surprising as it can be, many would have expected this. Organic products have gained popularity but it is definitely not just a trend, but indeed something that deserved its fame as more and more people have become aware of their actions and its consequences. We would have to admit that we are constantly looking for ways to improve our health, including acquiring only the best, organic products that we can find. So why not lubes and condoms, right? Surely these are personal care products and can perhaps be the most used that comes closest to the delicate parts of our beautiful body.


Organic condoms have aroused interest of many, how can one go all-natural and what difference does it make? Why Organic? Some of the ways of being in best shape and achieving optimal health would be to cleanse, detox, having proper diet and taking in natural supplements, all with the goal of minimizing risks and possible harm to the body. Same goes with lubes and condoms. You can avoid toxic chemicals, artificial ingredients, and most of all, let you have both safe sex and a safe environment!


Quite a number of people are sensitive to chemicals and food additives. On the other hand, a growing number of people are becoming more environment friendly due to dramatic changes going on in our surroundings. Hence it is essential to use only organic products for your utmost safety and the betterment of the entire world. What is it that organic lubes and condoms have that makes it the ideal product for a unique sexual sensation that's highly beneficial to nature?


Condoms usually give the impression that it's 100% natural rubber latex, however, it may need to be infused with a couple of chemicals along with other ingredients to make it desirably thin and smooth. This would be given since you can't indeed use a rubber tree as a condom in its unprocessed form! Kimono and Glyde proves some of the best, thinnest that you can get for a more natural feel in bed. If you are looking for sustainability, then you will want to see our Sustain condoms and as the name implies, they are sustainably produced. It is backed up with the fact of being an excellent condom that's fair trade certified and free of dyes, fragrances, nitrosamines, and other toxins.


What about vegans? What's in store for you? Vegan Condoms are free of additives such as parabens, glycerin, spermicide petrochemicals, and casein. These ingredients may all sound overwhelming but generally, they are not vegan. What's more is you can rest assured that it's free of animal byproducts and was not tested on animals. Did you know that casein, the lucrative byproduct of dairy farming and the chief milk protein used in processed foods, is also widely used in condoms. This is one reason we recommend Glyde which utilizes their own innovative blend of thistle extract in place of casein. Sustain also has vegan condoms. We do not know of other companies but since it is the current standard in the industry, they most likely would be using casein when manufacturing condoms, unless they probably want to go take the vegan path as well.


Now, what are these parabens and petrochemicals? Parabens are preservatives that are mostly used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. It's regarded as toxic by some, and has been correlated with higher rates of the dreaded breast cancer. It also reportedly causes infertility with altered estrogen hormones. Parabens are commonly used in spermicides and lubricants. While most condoms do not contain parabens, it does have petrochemicals which are common in some non-latex condoms as well as some latex types. How much? We don't really know.


So how do we pick the right lube and condom? Though not all would provide their complete list of ingredients used in manufacturing, it's the best course to take to go with a manufacturer that discloses the major ingredients. Also, trusted brands have satisfied many and prove to be reliable, such as what you can see at Condomania where you can browse through tons of lubes and condoms. It's a great idea to try out their non-toxic, natural, chemical free womens lubricant sampler pack and you will surely find one that's perfect for you!



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