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Positions for the Larger Penis Part 3!
Apr 13, 2015

Hey guys I am back with another day of positions for you larger penis men out there!


Positions for the larger penis


First up is the Double Decker! Lay down on your back, your girl sits down on you facing away.  Have her lean back until she is propped on her elbows, her back to your chest. Place her feet on your knees keeping her legs bent. While you are holding her penetrate softly. This position is a great one for you to roll her if you want into a new position!


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In the Side Saddle you are again in control!  Start by lying on your back. Have your girl sit across you, with her legs on one side with her knees close together. Have her lean back on her arms for maximum support. As you penetrate her you can use a slow swivelling corkscrew motion and drive her Wild! I promise it will work her up into frenzy and feel wicked for you!


The Crouching Tiger is similar to the Revers Cowgirl. Lie on the bed with your feet planted on the floor and tush on the edge of the bed. Have her squat on top of you facing away from you; place your hands all over her tushy. She will then use her thighs to lift herself up and down on your pecker taking in as much as she wants. 


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Your hands are in the perfect position to play with her clit while she plays with your balls! If she gets tired you have your feet on the floor to help thrust and you can use your hands to help as well. There is something totally sexy having your mans hands on your tush helping. This is what it looks like!


The Rowing Boat is perfect for larger penises. It looks like this. To get into the position lie on your back and have her slowly lower herself onto your large penis, you will sit up and bring your knees and torso up so you are face to face.  And your knees are outside her body. At this point you will have her bed her knees so her legs are outside as she wraps them around you.


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You will lip your arms over her calves and under her knees as she puts her hand under your knees and around your thighs so she can grip your hands. Now you are in position! This position will allow your large penis to rub perfectly on her g-spot! If either of you need to support yourselves place your arms behind you.