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Preventing Gag reflex during Oral sex
Apr 13, 2015

Want to learn not to gag?

Want to learn not to gag?

We all know that sometime women gag.  It is not a fun thing to feel or hear from either partner.  Today I will be giving some tips on how to get over your gag reflex.  I know that everyone's gag reflex is different but learning how to relax and control it will definitely help you in the bed room. Something we should all tell our partners if we have a high gag reflex is that they can hurt us if they move wrong.  Letting them know beforehand that you will have to take it in slowly will make a world of difference. As we all know there are different techniques to giving head. 


We have talked about it before.  One thing to help with gagging is to use your hands as a guide as well as the perfect partner to your BJ!  Only go down as far as your hand will allow you to go.  Make sure you are using your hand and mouth move together.  This will ensure that you do not have the room to gag. However, if you are feeling frisky and want to take more in your mouth you can consciously remind yourself to relax.  One thing you will need to give great head is lube.  This will help you glide and less likely to gag.  Flavored is my favorite lube of choice.  Remember that you are trying not to gag yourself. 


Once you get into the routine of things you will have a more enjoyable time giving head! Remember take it slow.  If you are in fact trying to take the whole thing, deep throating,  do not lose faith.  The faster you go the more likely that you will gag.  Pace yourself and relaxing your throat muscles will help you do this.  The more slow movements you make the more practice that you have the more you will be able to deep throat.  And that faster you will be able to do it.  And we all know how changing the rhythm feels excellent. If you do not want to swallow and are giving him head to completion then he can finish on your chest.  Do not let your partner bully you into it. 

 No one should be forced to do something they don't want to do! If it is just the flavor that you are worried about there are certain foods and pills that you can both take to make your cum taste fruity.   Try having a few glasses of strawberry, pineapple orange juice before you hit the sack.  Here is a list of foods to try and foods to avoid.  Also, there are tons of flavored condoms for you to try as well as dental dams for him if he does not want to do oral either.

Have a gag free night!




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