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Reading Body Language
Apr 13, 2015

Have you ever sat and tried reading body language?


Here are some tips to reading your partners body language.



Direct eye contact is a vital role in sexual attraction and stimulation between the 2 of you!  Catching each other’s eyes and looking away is said to be the initial signal of sexual interest.  Looking at your partner directly in the eyes during casual banter outside the bedroom produces a heated connection that will continue in the bedroom.  If your partner is catching your eye for longer than normal that is an indication that they like what they are seeing.



Women will adjust their clothing more than normal in the attempt to gain the attention of our partners.  Men will automatically adjust the piece of clothing that they think is the best part.   This could be from straightening the tie or smoothing our clothes over our chest and abdomen.



If your man is getting grabby with you he could be subconsciously trying to increase the sexual tension for later on.  The more physical affection that we give and receive outside the bedroom leads to more affection in the bedroom later on! All partners gradually lean in and close the space between each other while we are talking.


When men are getting handsy with themselves:

Men can subconsciously run their fingers through their hair or across their face when they are sexually tense.  Most men will not realize that they are even doing any of these things.  What it shows us is what their hands will look like when they run them over their naked body.  This makes us want to remove their hands and replace them with ours!



Masculine partners often subconsciously begin taking up space in order to make their presence known.  We all know that can be a great thing.  Placing hand on their hips, in their pockets to broaden their shoulders and slightly widening their hips to secure their stance could be signs that your partner is seeking your attention.



Psychologists say that the lips mimic the female labia and can mentally reiterate that image to our partners.  Moistening our lips, trying a new shade of lip gloss could be a sign that your partner is trying to get you to notice her lips.



When women play with a cylindrical objects they are more than likely to be nervous or experiencing inner sexual tension.  By cylindrical objects we do mean wine glass stems, pens, pencils or the dangly part of an earring.


Crossing our legs:

Most people will subconsciously direct their knees towards people that they are attracted to!  Another common thing women do is to have their legs crossed tightly and aimed at a target.  This shows off the leg shape and tone.


Playing with our hair:

Long haired women tend to fiddle with their hair when we are sexually tense or even if we are trying to attract the gaze of our partner.  General hair care, up-dos and such often expose the underarm and subconscious sexual interest in their partners when they see them.  Hair twirling and running our fingers through our hair, flipping it from one side to the other are all signs that we are looking for our partner’s attention.


Now get out there and start reading some body language and enjoy your Monday!! 




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