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Safe Sex Matters - Buy Reliable Products
Mar 9, 2016

There are basically a million texts out there urging people to be careful when having sex. Many products are being promoted as we speak, that will keep you safe from STDs and all kind of nasty things that are flowing around. Do you really need to be that careful? Of course you do. Don’t hesitate, not for a second and always ask yourself two important questions. Is having STD fun? Do I want a child right now?


Being responsible counts, but that doesn’t mean that good times and good old-fashioned fun will fade away. What you want to do is to have products that offer you both SAFETY and EXCELLENCE. Here are some suggestions from Condomania’s store that will make you wonder and deliver the benefits you seek.


Safe Sex Matters - Buy Reliable Products


Crown Skinless Skin Condoms

The thinnest condoms you will ever use. Crown Skinless Skin Condoms represent the very best from Japanese Technology that brings super-thin, super-strong latex and a comfortable feeling to the bedroom. No bunching, slipping or tearing. Reliable protection that will never leave you hanging alone! We’re confident you’ll make the right choice. You are welcome, sir!


Beyond Seven Condoms

Another super-thin favorite for our customers, because it’s always nice to have diversity by your side. These super thin condoms are made of latex called Sheerlon, so strong it can be made thinner than ordinary condoms without sacrificing reliability. Beyond Seven Ultra Thin Condoms and Beyond Seven Studded Condoms are great additions to any condom collection. Try it, to believe it!


Swiss Navy Lubes

There is but one rule when it comes to lubes! Never ever underestimate the power of lubricants. You’ll be surprised what these bad boys can do. Not only that they increase both fun and pleasure, they also represent a helpful tool for some people. Condomania’s Swiss Navy Lube Selection is made out of all-natural ingredients and satisfies a wide range of customers’ needs. Here are some examples: Swiss Navy All Natural Water Base Lubricant & Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant.


For any product you opt for in the end, be sure to pick one so it suits the needs of both you and your partner. It is the only rule you have to remember. Don’t buy something that simply doesn’t fit or because you have a hunch about it. Condomania understands people have questions. For that reason, you can count on two things with us:


1)      Expert Staff ready to remove any doubts you might have: 800-9-266-366

2)      25 years of experience providing first-class products


You are not alone!