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Sensulle Butt Plug P Spot Massager Review
Oct 15, 2015

The Sensulle Butt Plug P Spot Massager for erotic anal pleasure is a customer favourite. The P Spot Massager earned the company the ‘Sex Toy of the Year” Award by XBIZ, so you know you are receiving a top of line product. This Butt Plug features a narrow point for smooth insertion along with one touch controls to make self-operation simple. The P Spot Massager features 20 different functions of vibrations and pulsation so you are guaranteed to find the perfect setting to ensure you anal satisfaction.

The Sensulle Butt Plug P Spot Massager is designed to deliver amazing sensations directly to your P Spot by using a powerful vibration. While the Sunsulle Butt Plug P Spot Massage can be used by both males and females it was designed specifically for male prostate penetration. The P Spot Massager is designed to intensify a man’s orgasm by being placed by the sphincter muscles by being inserted into the anus. This allows the prostate to be stimulated, massaged, and pleasured. This massager is comfortable for long term wear so you can ensure you and your partner have a full night of satisfaction.


This massager is water proof so you can have amazing anal stimulation anywhere you choose. This toy can be used all on its own or combined with other toys to increase your erotic experience even more. When you first feel the powerful vibration settings of the Butt Plug P Spot Massager in your hand you may feel as though it is too powerful. But don’t forget that your hand is a lot more sensitive than your rectum so don’t be afraid of what this massager has to offer you. This massager is designed to with the elegance for the most sensitive person but also offers the power to get even the hardest person to explode with a pleasuring orgasm.


The Butt Plug P Spot Massager made from Phthalates-free TPR material and is ROHS approved, so you can have the peace of mind that erotic experience is safe for your body. This Butt Plug measures 6 inches in length with a 4 inch girth. It is conveniently fully rechargeable by electrical outlet or USB so you never have to worry about your anal cravings being shut down by a dull or dead battery. For the most satisfying anal experience when using the Sensulle Butt Plug P Spot Massager, we recommend using your favorite water based lubricant for long term comfort and use. This device is not recommended to be used with silicone lubes. This massager comes equipped with a USB charger and a bag to protect your sex toy and keep it safe and discreet. The P Spot Massager is also light weight, weighing only 1oz.


Even though this massager has been designed nearly perfect with little complaints, there is always room for improvement. So what might make a buyer look beyond the Butt Plug P Spot Massager? The lack of remote control. Sure the easy one touch button makes it simple to turn on and off. However, once you are enjoying your back door pleasure it may be difficult to reach behind and hit the button to change your setting and we definitely do not want to have to put our pleasure on hold to remove the massager and change the settings. Also, there is no back button. So if you find scroll past that perfect setting, you will have to go through them all again in order to get back to it. However, these are pretty small issues considering how large of a sexual satisfaction you will otherwise receive from this P Spot Massager.


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