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The Windmill Sex Position
Apr 13, 2015

The Windmill is another position that is a variation of the old missionary position. The female partner lies on her back, leaning on her forearms, her neck lifted and her legs slightly folded. If she wants, she can place a cushion under her buttocks, raising her pelvis to a more comfortable position.


The Windmill Sex Position

Image Credits: Cosmopolitan


This means that her 'who haw' is presented at the right angle and will ensure that penetration is deep. The man kneels in front of her and guides his 'man hood' into her.


How to do Windmill?


First, the woman lifts one folded leg and then the other, alternating them, resting each momentarily on her partner's lower back. Pedalling as if doing a bicycle exercise, she drives the sails of the Windmill round. The woman must maintain the same rhythm and movement throughout, while the man thrusts steadily in and out.


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With her one leg folded to her chest, and the other almost flat along the bed, the woman's 'who haw' becomes narrower, pushing out the man's 'junk', so he must quickly stop his thrusting if he is to remain inside her.



Additional Tips


The woman can contract her perineum, if she wants, gripping her lover's 'junk' and ensuring greater contact. The woman's pelvis rocks slightly as she crosses her legs in mid-air. The man's thrusting seems gentler and his excitement mounts.


And then again, the woman 'who haw' enlarges as she moves one leg to a resting position and the other to its highest point. The man penetrates her deeply, his 'junk' coming briefly into contact with the back of hers.


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She becomes naturally lubricated in this position but it's still a good idea to add a bit of extra lubricant so that sliding in and out is easy! This can also be an anal position, just make sure that you have plenty of Lubricant on hand, as the anus is not self lubricating. This is a great position; however it doesn't do much for her clit. So, she may need a bit of help here guys. A finger vibe works great here. You can play with her clit as she does her pedalling motions.