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Sex toys can definitely help spice up your sex life!
Apr 13, 2015

Is your love life in a rut? Not sure what to do about it? Sex toys can definitely help spice up your sex life! Most of the time, people assume when you talk about sex toys that you are referring to vibrators for women. A lot of people think that sex toys are available just for the ladies!


The reality is that there are a lot of sex toys out there for guys as well as girls, there are cock rings, anal toys, and masturbation sleeves to name a few. And not all of this is just for solo play either! There is so much fun to be had for both partners when using sex toys with each other. Even if it’s not a 'couples' sex toy, you can still have a lot of fun using it on your partner and watching wave after wave of pleasure wash over them! 


Adult Toys


ABCs of Adult Toys

It is official! Adult Toys are a major part of anyone's sex life nowadays and it is proved that they have several beneficial effects on all of us. First of all, self satisfaction reduces stress, imporves self esteem and overall body confidence. Who knew, right? Depending on various factors such as the gender or a type of toy, these little things can improve blood circulation, muscle contraction and ultimately prepare you when the time comes for, you know...


What kind of toys exist out there? Boy, where do we start!? First things first, you need to figure out whether you are looking for some solo play or for use with your partner. In order to be straightforward and to bring you value, maybe it's best to put it this way - you can browse thanks to Condomania filters for adult toys:


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3) By Type


Masturbation Sleeve Example

You might be thinking, it's called a 'masturbation sleeve' that means solo, right? Wrong! These sleeves can be used during hand jobs as well! Using a sleeve can actually help out with the whole hand job thing too! Most sleeves are made with ribs for added sensation. The girl can hold the sleeve, slip it on their man and go to town! This frees up the guys hands to do whatever he feels like doing with them. Hint, this is a great time to get frisky with her.  If your partner is a bit apprehensive to the idea of using a sleeve, using it first on him during a hand job can warm him up to the idea. He may be very surprised at how good it feels! Instead of lubing up your hands next time for a hand job, lube up and slip on a masturbation sleeve instead and let the fun times begin!  


Benefits For Him

Using a masturbation sleeve on him has many benefits for both of you and in most cases, feels even better for him than just using your hand! Most sleeves are textured on the inside so they bring all new sensations to him. The material is super soft, and made to feel like the 'real' thing, which your hands aren't. Hands can be rough, have calluses, and nails can break and be pointy and can hurt. A toy is made to just feel good, without the worry of all those other things with hands. Especially when you use a lot of lube. Lube makes it feel even better! Plus if you haven't given many hand jobs or are a bit of a novice at it, these sleeves will take care of the work for you! So, you can make things feel better for him and save yourself the trouble by grabbing a sleeve and having fun! 


Benefits For Her

It makes it so much easier for you, which means what? You will be more willing to give them more often! Which in turns makes your man an all around happier guy? Let's face it ladies, giving a good hand job can be tiring and take forever, especially if your guy isn't real sensitive! It can take a good 30 minutes or more to bring your guy to his 'happy place' through a hand job. That is a lot of pumping! Using a masturbation sleeve can speed things up rapidly, which means no more hands and arms cramping up! The texture of the sleeve does all of the work for you! All of the sensation provided by the sleeve are much more powerful and will bring your man to his 'happy place' so much quicker! This is a great alternative to having sex. So whether you just aren't 'feeling it', want to stay safe, don't want an unplanned pregnancy, or a plethora of other reasons to not have sex, this is the way to go! He is happy, you are happy, everyone ends up happy! 


Different Ways of Using 'Solo' Sex Toys Together

Use a masturbation sleeve on him, or use a vibrator on her and watch each other come! It is super thrilling and exciting to watch your partner as they are being 'pleasured'! Or he can use a sleeve on himself as she is using a vibrator on herself and you can simultaneously go to your 'happy places' together! You can start using some of the water proof toys and use them in the shower or bath!




Get some silicone lubricant and have more fun in the water than you ever thought possible! A great way to learn more about what your partner likes is to watch each other masturbate. She can watch him masturbate and when he is through, then he can watch her masturbate. This is a great foreplay technique! There are a ton of different masturbators out there. Really, any one that you choose will be great I'm sure. Especially for him. So, to make it a bit easier for you to choose which one to get, here are a few of our personal favorites masturbation sleeves and vibrators: 


Bad Boy Buddies - These are all great but our personal favorite is the 'Vibrating Vagina'. This soft textured masturbator is ultra springy and feels insanely tight and super succulent. The tunnel of ridges and extreme vibrating gives you a tantalizing ride! 


Pipedream Extreme - Want a hand job and a blow job all at the same time? This is your baby! Enjoy the most realistic blowjobs ever! This realistic oral stimulator is manufactured by using super-soft Fanta Flesh and it feels just like the real thing, only better! After penetrating her soft luscious lips, this supple mouth will cling to you and wraps around every inch of your pleasure rod. Plug her nose, deep throat her and cum inside her mouth. She’ll swallow every drop! Remember to always use plenty of Lubrication for that extra wet encounter and the Toy Cleaner for a fast and easy clean-up.


Blush Fantasy Vibrating Dong - Do you want all of your fantasies to come true? Well this powerful, bendable vibe will do the trick for your most secret pleasure spots! All you need is a little imagination, vaginal or anal, solo or with a partner and play away. Pretty best describes this realistic phthalate free, vibrating dildo, with a vibrating bullet located near the tip of the shaft for deep stimulation. Perfectly soft to the touch, the shaft has a satisfying girth and flexibility that will please the most demanding toy user. AND it's waterproof, so you can take it into the shower, bath or hot tub!


Water Based Lubricants can be used with pretty much any toy out there, but you need to be a bit more careful with silicone lubes. Silicone lubricants are great for water play, but they can break down silicone toys. If you wear a condom when using masturbators, clean up is much quicker and easier too! Plus, if you are using a vibrator on yourself or your partner and you go from anal to vag or vice versa, make sure you slip a new condom on each time. You don't want bacteria to transfer from one place to another as it can cause many different irritations! So, with all of this new knowledge that you have, grab your 'solo' toys that aren't so 'solo' anymore and have more fun than you ever imagined!




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