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6 Sexy Tips on How to Make a Home Video
Apr 13, 2015

Need a few tips or tricks on how to make a home video with your partner? Here are 6 Sexy Tips on How to Make a Home Video with your love. Make sure that you both feel safe, secure, and comfortable before making any kind of video.


1. Put your partner at ease by using their phone/camera so there is no anxiety about where the videos may end up.


2. Test lighting before getting intimate to make sure it's as flattering as possible, dim light is ok for the shy newbie.


3. Brighter lights from different angles will give you less shadows, experiment with lighting in different rooms, day vs. night etc.


4. Agree to what acts will be performed on video and how you would like it to roll out. Talk about whether or not you want your foreplay on video, or just your actual sex acts.


5. Consider who will be holding the phone/camera and who will be doing what, like with my partner, he had the phone when I was going down on him, and I held the phone when he was going down on me. Make sure that you have your condoms, lubricant, games, and or toys out and are within easy reach of you and your partner.


6. The vital key to his pleasure is the "Money Shot". Be sure to capture the cum on the camera and not just in your orifice.