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Shopping Guide: 5 Sex Toys Every Gay Man Should Try
Jul 29, 2016

Whether you’re newly out of the closet or exploring some next level fun with toys, we rounded up the 5 top sex toys every gay man should try! 

Shopping Guide: 5 Sex Toys Every Gay Man Should Try

The Cock Ring

To achieve a harder, bigger penis, try experimenting with a cock ring. Cock rings constrict blood flow, keeping more blood in the shaft of the penis, ultimately delaying and intensifying your orgasm.


Using an adjustable cock ring is ideal to accommodate different sizes of penises, and the snap feature will allow for smooth removal of the ring once you have finished.


The Butt Plug Kit

Adding a butt plug to your mix is one of your first steps on the way to a deeper, more intense climax. The prostate is an incredibly sensitive gland; by stimulating the prostate alone a man can orgasm, but by using a butt plug during oral sex or masturbation you will intensify the experience further and make it that much more enjoyable.


Graduate from booty beginner to anal expert with The Adam & Eve Anal Training Kit. Three different sizes of soft black TPR plugs let you start off small and work your way up to big anal pleasure. Each features a tapered tip and a stretchy retrieval ring for thrusting and quick removal. Small: 2.25" x 1". Medium: 2.75" x 1.25". Large: 3.25" x 1.5".


The Manual Prostate Stimulator

Prostate stimulators come in many shapes and sizes and are anatomically designed to fit into a man’s rectum and stimulate the male G spot. These are meant to be manually operated and offer a standard massage – no battery powered vibration.  


There are many models on the market, but for a beginner to the type of toy, the Aneros Eupho Syn Male Prostate Stimulator is a great choice.


The Suction Dildo

If you’re ready for more, try a suction dildo. These flexible casts of nature’s most beautiful cocks will suction to a variety of surfaces – like the shower, for example.


For serious players, we recommend BBC’s Big Black Cock. It’s a substantial 11” of thick, curvy, black cock & balls – for those that have gone black and won’t be going back!


The Male Masturbator

Meet the Tenga Flip Hole – the next level of male masturbator. Designed to be more than just an artificial vagina, the Tenga Flip Hole’s mold of silicone ribs, nubs, flubs, gates and pumps has been created with cutting-edge technology.


Every inch has a particular function, and its flexible casing and one hand control pad allows total control of your pleasure. It comes with three varieties of lube to explore, and it’s extremely easy to clean (and therefore hygienic).


Whether with your partner or solo, enjoy experimenting with all the toys on this list – but remember to always keep your toys spick and span with a toy cleaner.



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