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SIX Reasons to Use Glow In The Dark Condoms
Dec 16, 2015

Condoms are a convenient, inexpensive and highly effective form of birth control and are one of the most popular contraceptive methods used. Male condoms are also used to prevent the transmission of STIs (sexually transmitted infections) during all types of intercourse with both heterosexual and homosexual couples. If you are going to use condoms, why now spice things up and use specialty condoms. Always use a water based lubricant when using condoms.

Glow in the dark condoms are a fun alternative to regular condoms and are considered a specialty condom. They are easy to use and are put on the same way you would always put on a condom.

To produce the glow, manufacturers use a non-toxic form of phosphorous pigment which is safe and approved by the FDA.The condom has three layers for extra smoothness. The center layer consists of the phosphorus pigment while the inner and outer layers are made of normal latex. You can choose to light it up on three ways: While the condom is still in its wrapper; When you are putting on the condom; or after it is already on.

If you expose the condom to light while it’s still rolled up in the wrapper, the tip will glow than the rest of the condom once it is unrolled. So for the best results, keep the light on bright while you put on the condom, or turn up the lights for about 30 seconds after you have put it on. When you turn off the lights, prepare for a night to remember!

A glow in the dark condom will glow brightly for about 15 minutes, followed by an after-glow that can last for hours. Re-exposing the condom to light while it is still on will recharge it and make it glow brightly again. But remember, you should never reuse a condom.

Here are SIX Reasons to Use Glow in The Dark Condoms:

1. Rise And Shine: There is no better way to wake up your partner than with a glow in the dark condom. Start the day off right with morning sex. Add to the fun and write your partner a fun message using glow in the dark massage lotion. Nothing says good morning like waking up to bright lights and naughty love notes.

2. Easy To Find: In the middle of foreplay, glow in the dark condoms are easy to find. Just open up your bedside drawer and it will be obvious exactly where it is. No more need to free up one of your hands to feel around for where you stored your condoms.

3. Make You Last Longer: Glow in the dark condoms are thicker than regular condoms. The non-toxic and totally safe phosphorous pigments used to make them glow offers a thicker condom. This can be great for lasting longer in bed.

4. Provide Mood Lighting: If you and your partner disagree on making love with the lights on or off, glow in the dark condoms can give off just enough light to see what needs to be seen. The lights will be off, but there will be one big thing shining brightly. This brings a whole new meaning to knight and shining armor.

5. Safe And Reliable: Just like regular condoms, glow in the dark condoms are safe and reliable. Although they are a novelty item, they are manufactured to the same rigorous standards for safety and reliability as other U.S. condoms.

6. Things May Appear Larger: Make your member appear bigger. Men love to use glow in the dark condoms because they make their members bright, highly visible, and appear larger in size. Women love them because they fun, exciting, and bring life into the act of lovemaking.

Ribbed, flavored and colored condoms are specialty condoms that provide a fun alternative to regular condoms. Condomania.com sells an array of specialty condoms that will bring fun to your love life.

Flavored condoms are so versatile and are for those who enjoy oral sex and want protection at the same time. These types of condoms come in a variety of different flavors from vanilla to cherry and add flavor to your love life. Some flavored condoms come in a variety of mint assortments such as peppermint and spearmint which adds a tingling sensation to the oral sex experience. Most flavored condoms are coated with a water based lubricant that has added flavor. Flavored condoms can be used to give the perfect blow job. Flavored condoms should not be used for vaginal intercourse. After the oral experience is over, switch to a different condom.

Ribbed condoms are condoms with tiny ridges or bumps worked into the design of the . These are made to provide more pleasure and at least in theory to speed up orgasms and make them better. In practice, ribbed condoms are very much a matter of personal taste. Ribbed condoms are a great way to add more pleasure to many women and be selfless while you’re doing it; after all, as a man you won’t get the benefits of the ribbing (unless you turn them inside out…. But they probably won’t stay on very well if you do that!) Ribbed condoms are definitely one to consider if you or your partner likes to have things a little rougher.

Sex is not just about the action, it is also about the visual stimulus. Colored condoms add to your variety of party tools that keep your partner interested. Matching your condom to the outfit that you are wearing can do wonders in terms of stimulation! If your partner’s favorite color is red, why not present your tool adorned with a condom of that very color? The possibilities are endless with colored condoms, and they help add the essential fun factor into sex. If you are tired of the same ol’ flesh-toned condoms, brighten things up with your favorite color. Color condoms come in a variety of colors. Pick a different color from the rainbow every night of the week.


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