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Six Ways To Turn Boring Oral Action Into A Tasty Treat For Him & Her
Dec 9, 2015

If you're like the average Jane or Joe, you've heard of lubricants before. You're aware of what they are used for. If you're one of those that have tried these wet and slippery sexual enhancers, either alone, or with a partner, it should come as to no surprise that lubricants can really add a little pizazz to your sexual experiences. Adding a lubricant into your Mattress Mambo Bag O' Tricks can turn your romp sessions into mind-blowing, earth-shaking, and with flavored lubricants such as Wet Flavored Lubricant, delicious, moments to remember, for both you and your partner and trust me, once you have had your (no pun intended) very first taste of these sweet treats you won't wanna go back!

When you think of lubricants I bet you think of plain, run of the mill, clear, flavorless, boring types. My guess is that KY Personal Lubricant stands out in your head when you think of lubes. Now don't get me wrong, if you're looking for a plain lubricant for no other purpose than to make things a bit more damp and easier to handle, then KY is a great choice, but if you're in the mood for something a bit wild, fun, and not to mention quite tasty, then a flavored lubricant is the way to go!


Whether you are a man or woman, flavored lubricants can bring huge benefits to the bedroom! For starters, if you're like almost every woman out there, you have had your fair share of men requesting a little down stairs mouth action from ya. I'm sure you are like me and have given into the requests to please your partner, but haven't really put your all into it because the taste just doesn't sit right in your mouth. How can you make it as pleasurable and enjoyable for you as it is for him? Maybe you enjoy using your lips and tongue to wow your partner, and have tried lubricant to make it more enjoyable for them, but you haven't been able to quite find the one that will make it enjoyable for you too. This is where flavored lubricants come in handy. Not only can a flavored lubricant fill that need for dual pleasure, but you may find it to be so good that your oral skills improve and become your partners kyrptonite.


The great thing about flavored lubricants such as Wet is they're safe as well as tasty. Wet brand lubricants are water-based, so they're latex friendly. They taste and smell just like the fruits they're named after. They're also sugar free and stain free, so don't be afraid of it ruining those high-dollar luxury sheets! If you're looking for variety, Wet is where you'll find it.


Wet Lubricant Comes in Six Delicious and Tasty Flavors:


- Kiwi Strawberry

- Passionate Fruit Punch

- Raspberry Pomegranate

- Wild Blueberry

- Sweet Cherry

- Juicy Watermelon


With the variety of yummy flavors Wet Lubricant offers, there is sure to be a flavor you are going to fall in love with or you may want to keep a buffet of flavor choices at your bedside and love them all! Ladies, you can put these slippery and sexy treats on your partner's package to provide a sensation that he won't get from your mouth unless you somehow know how to keep your saliva pouring out of you like a waterfall. Any gal or guy knows how quickly a dry bone can turn a once loved moment into an uncomfortable, unpleasurable, and sometimes, even painful one. Lubricants can totally eliminate this! Wet Lubricant even offers a heated version to keep things nice and warm down below, but that's another subject all together. *winks


Guys if you're wanting to show your lady what you're made of with some tongue tango on her lady parts, but are looking for something that will make you want to stay down there for hours, then a bottle of flavored lube needs to be in your arsenal! You can squirt a little on her most sensitive areas, dive in, and enjoy the fruit flavor while driving your lady wild. While it's no secret that a lubricant such as those found on Condomania is a must have, flavored lubes are one of those things that not too many people talk about, which is why blogs like this exist. People like me give it to you straight and keep you up to date on the latest sexual news and information out there today. For those of you still gripping the edge of your seats, the Grand Finale is below:


Flavored lubricants offer the ability to lube up and get a nice treat at the same time. Most men and woman don't like the taste of lubricants and have often said they taste like chemicals. I've had my fair share of plain lubricants that either have no taste at all or worse, taste like I just had a big sip of chemicals. It turned me away from lube all together there for a while, until that magical life changing day when I found myself in front of a display of flavored lubricants. I was amazed that something like this existed. I immediately grabbed up a bottle and headed home. I used it that night on my partner while giving him some oral loving and I'll never go back.


Flavored lubricants taste great and make foreplay a lot more enjoyable for both men and women. The taste makes you want to squirt a dollop into your hand and eat it up, and Wet lubricant is safe enough to do just that, but it's much more fun to share the tasty goodness with your partner. So grab a bottle for yourself, your lover, or grab a bowl of pillow packs available on Condomania to share this naughty secret with your friends! I promise once you've experienced flavored lubricants, you won't leave it out of your bedroom ammo arsenal.