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Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant Review
Nov 3, 2015

Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant is perfect for vegans, but great for the rest of us too! Love the silky feel, as well as the fact that it doesn't coat the skin, leaving a greasy or oily feeling. Plus, a little goes a long way! Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant offers women a healthier choice. The glycerin and paraben free organic lubricant has been mixed with organic botanical extracts that heal and support the body. All sliquid products are formulated for the lady parts, and will never cause infections. Organics Silk is by far the most natural hybrid lubricant on the market today.

The packaging is recyclable and features a flip top and squeeze to dispense design. The bottles are 4.2 ounce and 8.5 ounce. They also have discreet packaging. There is only the name on the return address, but there are no other identifying marks. The lack of taste and smell, naturally derived ingredients list and easy packaging make it a slam-dunk for solo or partnered play.


All of Sliquid’s products have a shelf life of about 3 years, before opening. After opening, the water based products will last 6 - 12 months, depending on storage conditions. (Room temperature, not in direct sunlight, bottle closed.)


The lubricant is extra slippery and long lasting. It is also safe to use with most toy materials. It has been found that Silk is safe with many of the high end silicone toys. The lubricant can destroy them. I would suggest testing on the base of the toy first, as they cannot test every toy and material. You should always clean the toy ASAP after, to insure there is no damage to your toy. Always make sure to properly clean your toy after use as well. They have been tested with several Tantus and Fun Factory toys, with no adverse results.


I wouldn’t recommend getting it on your sheets as full silicone lubricants are known to stain sheets. Silk only has 12% silicone, but it could still happen. Sliquid Organics Silk is also nice because it can be used as a cream for full body massage, yet it’s safe for use with condoms and other latex products.


Sliquid lubricants are perfectly safe for anal play. Water based products will absorb, and silicone products will be expelled. Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant is specifically formulated to add more comfort for anal play. However, all of their lubricants are safe for both anal and vaginal.


Sliquid Organics Silk Lubricant has been getting rave reviews all over the web. Since it has silicone in it, Sliquid Organics Silk doesn't dry up nearly as fast as water-based lubricants, and is great for massage and other kinds of penetrative sex play. It is also odorless and tasteless. All Sliquid products are Vegan friendly - no animal testing and no animal byproducts. This is definitely a favorite lubricant to use with a partner. If you're looking for something longer lasting than other lubricants and don't want to compromise on great ingredients, definitely check out Sliquid Organics Silk. Its texture is appealing and it will either absorb into the skin or wash off easily. It's a little limited in its use, but it works great with toys and it will support your body with revitalizing, natural ingredients.


Go on treat yourself like a goddess, you know you deserve it!


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