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Strawberry Flavored Condoms
Feb 26, 2016

Condoms come in a multitude of shapes, colors, and flavors. We live in a fantastic period of time with so many varieties available. Not to mention the safest products to date. Today I will be discussing strawberry flavored condoms.


Strawberry is a very popular flavor worldwide. You can purchase just about any edible product in the strawberry flavor. At Condomania.com we carry many options for testing strawberry and other flavored condoms. Here are some of our options.

LifeStyles is a brand originated in the United States and is one of the key players in the very sophisticated and competitive US market, being no.1 in providing product to college health centers, Planned Parenthood affiliates and health care agencies throughout the US. While the brand has evolved and changed over time to stay relevant, LifeStyles has always stood for safety and reliability. It is this consistency, which has helped it to have outstanding performance in many countries across the globe. Lifestyles condoms are available in 6 different product lines: SKYN, 3SUM, THRYLL, WYLD, THYN, KYNG. The lifestyles flavored condom are made of latex with an easy fit with plenty of space on the tip, with non-spermicidal lubrication. They are available in 6 flavors – banana, strawberry, mint, chocolate, vanilla, and blueberry. The colors also match the tantalizing flavors. It can be bought in packs of 3 or 12 for approximately $4.60+. The length is 54 mm. Customer reviews have been mixed with reviews mentioning that the taste does not last very long and also the box lists variety, however, some orders provided only 2 flavors included in the box. The product also has a latex type taste and can give an odd sensation to the throat. Alternative products are ONE Flavor Waves Durex Tropical Flavors GLYDE Premium Organic flavored sampler Durex Rainbow flavors.


Paradise flavored condoms is a latex condom made by Paradise. The Paradise Flavored follows the classic design of a straight, lubricated condom with reservoir tip. The water-based lubricant has a flavoring as an added bonus. Choose from five great flavors or try an assortment. Choose from five great flavors or try an assortment. Each one is colored to match the flavor. These condoms are ideal for oral sex. The length is 6.5 inches. The width is just under 1 ¾”. The thickness is .06mm and it is a lubricated flavored condom. The flavors available are strawberry, spearmint, vanilla, cherry, and banana. For a similar product, I would suggest trying Durex lubricated latex condoms in tropical premium assorted flavors.


Flavor Waves Condoms by ONE features the same quality and reliability of ONE condoms with a unique flavored taste and 6 fun, sweet-inspired wrappers. Choose from Banana Split, Mint Chocolate, Island Punch, Chocolate-Strawberry, Bubblegum or Fresh Mint! Flavor Wave Condoms by ONE are the next generation of condoms. Flavor Waves are made with Sensatex, a safer, smoother, clearer, purer form of latex. All ONE brand condoms feature innovative round foils, full-color, centered graphics, and witty ONE liners. ONE condoms are softer, smoother, clearer and purer, providing a more pleasurable experience for both partners. Features of Flavor Waves Condoms by ONE: Straight-walled shape Ultra-thin latex formulation Reservoir tip Average Width: 53 mm Average Length: 192 mm Lubricated for comfort and sensitivity Made from premium quality latex Helps prevent pregnancy and STDs Electronic testing ensures reliability & U.S. strength standards Compatible with water or silicone lubricants Standard size -- fits most men Long expiration date guaranteed One Condoms are a part of the Global Protection Group and that is awesome because a portion of every purchase goes to HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment efforts in Africa. Oh -- and their circular packets and sturdy tin packaging beat every other basic condom any day!


Flavored Condom Sampler from Condomania.


Not only are the flavors and scents great, the condoms are brightly colored to match. This sampler includes flavors from Durex, Trustex, ONE, and LifeStyles including, Apple, Banana, Chocolate, Cherry, Cola, Grape, Mint, Orange, Vanilla and Strawberry, Mint Chocolate, Fresh Mint, Island Punch, Strawberry Chocolate, Bubblegum, and Banana Split in an assorted sampler of a baker's dozen.


Are you wondering why someone would want to use a flavored condom? Many people believe that because oral sex isn’t vaginal or anal penetration, there is little to no risk of contracting an STI/STD. But the fact is, you can get all STIs, (except for pubic lice and Trichomoniasis) when engaging in oral sex with someone who has the infection. There are four ways in which someone can contract an STI.


They are;


- Blood
- Skin to skin contact
- Sexual fluids (vaginal fluids and semen)
- Mother to child


When someone is engaging in oral sex, they can come into contact with someone’s blood, sexual fluids, and/or skin. But the good news is that there are ways to prevent STI transmission from happening. Using a condom for oral sex on a penis will help drastically reduce your risk of transmitting an STI. If oral sex is being performed on the vagina or anus, a dental dam can be used to help reduce your risk also. Try to avoid using flavored condoms for vaginal intercourse, however. The artificial flavoring can contain sugars and other chemicals that may cause vaginal infection. To reduce the risk of STI transmission and pregnancy during vaginal intercourse, just use a regular condom. Condoms are essential for sexual activity. A condom should be used at all times, be it for sexual intercourse or oral sex. It is fairly possible that you are tired of regular condoms that taste like a dentist's glove. Why not add some flavor to spice up the experience for yourself. The use of a flavored condom could even make for a better experience for your partner. Proper protection is very important in any scenario of sexual contact.



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