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Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant Review
Oct 14, 2015

Swiss Navy Silicone is a truly amazing product. This is mainly because it is a lubricant that will stay silky and smooth for a long time anywhere you apply it on your body. It feels like massage oil that will make your body feel nice and smooth without the oil getting sticky. Using it for massages, you can apply one or two drops and rub it on your skin to make your skin look and feel smooth. People will even notice a difference in your skin immediately after using this product.

This product can also be used for intercourse. It helps people to have better intercourse because it helps the skin to feel so lubricated. You can even apply this product on your skin after showering and it will make your skin feel even silkier and smoother. This product is also odor free while using it. The amount of time that this product lasts after applying it to your skin is 24 hours. 


This product is not even water based. That's why this product lasts a long time when you apply it to your skin. This product doesn't even stain your clothes or sheets because it dries so quickly. This product is even better than massage oil or Vaseline because neither of them really feel comfortable on the skin like this product does. This product is very useful for everybody because there is no skin irritation from using this product. 


The reason why so there are so many positive reviews for this product is because it doesn't cause any skin irritation and it makes the body feel nice and smooth. I mean this is an outstanding product that works for anybody. Based on most of the reviews people loved this product. What makes this product so great is that the ingredients that are in the product. When customers applied the Swiss Navy Silicone onto their skin they even said that it was better than using Astroglide or baby powder. 


What makes this product so awesome is that the body actually absorbs this type of lotion. That's what makes it last a long time is that it's absorbed into the skin. When the skin absorbs the lotion then it makes it feel soft and smooth. Really the only way to get this type of lotion off your skin is to clean it off. Showering is the best way to clean it off. When your cleaning this product off it's not hard because you just need to follow the instructions and shower to clean it off. 


This product is compatible with latex, but it is not compatible with silicone toys. That means that you can use it on condoms to lubricate them, but you cannot use on sex toys at all. A lot of people fear that this will cause a condom to break, but it doesn't do that because it just lubricates the condom even more. It is even nicknamed a premium silicone lubricant. It has that type of nickname because helps people to have great sex lives while using this product. 


This product has been very well made to please everybody who tries it out and is FDA approved. Not everybody who has tried out this product liked it, but the majority of the people loved it. The biggest reason why there are some people who didn't like this product was because the bottle had to be cleaned after using it. This product has ingredients like Cyclopentassiloxane, Dimethicone and Tocopheryl Acetate. Those types of ingredients are very safe for the skin and that's what makes the Swiss Navy Silicone Lubricant an outstanding product.



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