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10 Highest Rated Condoms You Need Right Now
Oct 9, 2015

Last Updated June 1, 2017

1. Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy.

Although, this condom has been listed as a favorite among men, it is a favorite condom for both participants. It’s a baseball bat shape allows the wearer to have more room to move inside without losing any safety. It also has two sets of ribs for everyone’s enjoyment, and is lubricated on the inside and outside for a smooth sensation. This condom boosts long lasting lube and lots of extra pleasure with its two layers of ribs. Want to Purchase these now? 


2. Naked Luxury Condoms 54mm 

This condom is designed for pleasure.  It has a comfort fit - it is narrower at the base and wider at the head, flaring gently from the base to the head - which increases friction and sensation for both you and your partner. The German silicone-based lubricant, has a silky feel and lasts longer than the average silicone lubricant. It has also a higher quality latex blend for a soft, smooth velvety feel for both you and your partner.

3. Trojan Her Pleasure Ecstasy.

This condom is best for her pleasure. Women have been loving this condom since it came out. It features extra ribs and bumps just for her pleasure. With lots of extra wiggle room on the inside for him, and still a great tapered design this condom is great for both partners. This condom is made of premium latex material and contains a super silky smooth lubricant. She won’t be able to get enough it with this condom.


4. Lifestyles Ultra-sensitive.

Looking for the best condom for sensitive needs? Look no further, this condom is fantastic for anyone needing extra care. With an ultra-smooth lubricant specially made for your sensitive needs, it provides protection and a gentle feel. This condom is thin and flared in shape for enhanced sensitivity. With a comfortable reservoir tip and natural feeling, you’ll be safe while enjoying a natural and stimulating feel.


5. Lifestyles Skyn.

This is the first premium non-latex condom made from polyisoprene. This has been specifically made for ultimate sensitivities. It provides a more natural feel than most other latex can give. It is safe and effective while being thinner than other condoms. It’s great for people with latex allergies or sensitivities. Skyn is long lasting and contains a super smooth lubricant to enhance your experience. Need to buy some soon. 

6. Durex Performax.

Does one or both of you want some extra time while using a condom? This is a great condom to maximize your enjoyment and make your experience last longer. It does this by delaying the wearers climax, and adding more time and pleasure to both of your experiences. This condom has a special lubricant that activates with body heat which creates a numbing sensation helping you to perform longer than with other condoms. Well lubricated on the indie and outside, it only creates a numbing feeling on the inside. This condom will help you ensure your partners satisfaction as long as you last.


7. Trojan Magnum Twister.

This latex condom is one of a kind condom. It features deep spiral ribs or “twists” along the condom’s body. This helps to increase stimulation for both partners, in all the areas where it's desired the most. This condom has a tapered base that delivers a safe, snug fit. Added lubricant creates better comfort and sensitivity. With a thicker wall and better design this condom will help create desirable comfort and friction at the same time. These are larger sized condoms than standard Trojan condoms, usually about 15% larger. Both partners will be satisfied with this condoms design. Can’t wait to buy it, look no further. Visit Condomania.com.


8. Lifestyles Warming Pleasure.

Need a little more heat in the bedroom? This water based lubricant contains a warming ingredient that will stimulate your partner just where they need it. Specially designed with women in mind, this lubricant will help to stimulate your partner inside and outside. This latex condom is thin and well lubricated with a flared shape for fantastic sensitivity and comfort. The more you use it, the warmer it will get. Making your time with it hot, hot, hot. This condom is included in this couples kit online at condomania.com.


9. Durex Pleasure-max Tingling.

Some situations call for a better-tasting condom. Some call for a better smelling condom. Either way this one can deliver, with a spearmint flavor it’s liked by even the most selective lickers. This thin latex condom is cool feeling, with its tingling lubricant on the inside and outside for both partner’s enjoyments. The spearmint will add a great sensation without burning. Even if you don’t care about taste, the spearmint smell is pleasant and worth buying for that reason alone. The condom has ribs as well, adding to the intensity of the experience. With a reservoir tip and secure fit it is sure to be a home run. Visit Condomania.com to purchase.


10. Okamoto 004 Zero Zero Four.

This ultra-thin condom can make a dramatic difference in your life. It’s made of Sheerlon, an innovative latex material so strong and durable that these condoms measure just 004mm thick. They are therefore considerably thinner than the average latex rubber condom. If you like that “almost no” feel these are an excellent choice. With its non-contoured body, good size reservoir tip and a light lubrication these really will feel like you are wearing almost nothing. These condoms are slightly smaller than regular size condoms for tight fitting. Can’t wait before trying them?  Just visit Condomania.com to buy some today.


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