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The 68 Position!
Apr 13, 2015

If you ever got the feeling like you overused the 69, perhaps decreasing the digit one step down may do the trick. Face it, it's always nice to experiment and discover new sensations. Especially when it comes to positions focusing on oral sex. Keep your mind open, that's all we're saying.

The 68 position

Definition: What is understood with the 68 Position? The 68 sex position is a variation of the 69 position where only one partner will receive oral sex.


Position Guidelines


In this position, the giving partner, normally the female partner, lies on her back. The receiving partner then lies on his back on top of the giving partner, facing upward. He should have his head between her thighs and position his genitals near her mouth. The giving partner, female, should then perform oral sex on her male partner. 


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Performing in this position means that she should be sucking and licking the penis of her partner. The woman is therefore in an excellent position to lick, suck and tease her partner's testicles. This is an often forgotten erogenous zone for men.


Additional Tips


This position is also easy for the female partner to perform analingus on her male partner. To avoid crushing, the male partner should try to support as much of his body weight as possible. He could rest on his elbows and forearms.


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This position can also be modified so that the woman is the one on top and the man is the one performing oral sex on her.