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The adventurers guide to the male g spot

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to explain to you one of the least explored and more exciting areas, namely the male erogenous zones. The mysterious male g-spot. Shrouded in mystery and remaining one of the great uncharted lands, we encourage you to get out your walking boots and get yourself a map because we’re about to get excited and go in!

May 19, 2015

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re about to explain to you one of the least explored and more exciting areas, namely the male erogenous zones. The mysterious male g-spot. Shrouded in mystery and remaining one of the great uncharted lands, we encourage you to get out your walking boots and get yourself a map because we’re about to get excited and go in!

What is it?

The male g spot – or more correctly termed ‘p-spot’ is the male prostate gland, the gland responsible for contributing up to 30% of the semen ejaculated when a man comes. The gland also contains muscles which help to shoot the semen out when ejaculating. The prostate is also the gland that develops around 30% of all new cancers in men each year.

Prostate massage can not only be beneficial in spotting early warning signs of cancer (you should be able to tell if there are abnormal lumps present), but, and as we are going to go into in depth, provide an intense orgasm unlike any a guy has through other stimulation. The male g spot can also be massaged to bring about multiple and/or continuous orgasms – oftentimes even without ejaculation!

How is the male g spot different from a woman’s g spot?

While the male g spot has been likened to the female g spot in the feelings that massage of it produces, it is actually quite different. While the differing g spots are approximately the same size, and around the same region, that is where the similarities end. The female g spot is located on the front wall of the vagina, around 2-3 inches up. It is not a gland, simply a different area of the vaginal wall. Massage of the g spot can also produce intense vaginal orgasms in women.


So tell me about this male orgasm?

Unlike regular orgasms that are reached mainly by stimulation of the penis and culminate in ejaculation, g spot orgasms are a whole body orgasm that feels unlike any other. These orgasms may well not result in ejaculation, enabling you to be able to experience them over and over again – entering a multi-orgasmic state! With an ejaculatory orgasm you need time to recuperate after the fact, however with a g spot orgasm you will remain erect and be able to stimulate yourself to ejaculate afterwards - if that is what you wish to do if you’re not exhausted after all those orgasms!


Where is it?

The prostate gland is located internally, below the bladder and between the rectum and public bone. The prostate envelops some of the urethra, and has been likened in size to that of a walnut. Handily enough for us, you are able to find and massage the gland through the front wall of the anus – it lies about 2-3 inches up from the rectum.


What preparation should you do to get there?

Now we’ve told you what it is, what it does and where it is it is time to get into exploring! Get your hands on a good water based lube (anal specific ones are an excellent choice) for play time as you will need a fair bit of it to get started – the anus has no natural lubrication available to it.  If you’re going to be playing with an anal dildo – which may be easier than using your fingers – make sure you get a nice soft one with a curved head to perfectly reach the spot.

Emptying the bowels beforehand and a nice long cleansing shower should be your first step in relaxing and ensuring your anus is clean and ready for some stimulation. Dim the lights and put on some music, anything to start yourself getting more relaxed. To begin with you may like to put down a towel in your play area just in case. Ensure you are free from interruptions and have your lube handy.

How do you find it yourself?

Now that you’re all set up and relaxed, lie back with your knees bent and start touching yourself as you would to get ready for ejaculation (that is, get yourself hard)! While you’re feeling good and ready, squirt a small amount of lube on both your finger (or the toy you’re using) as well as your rectum. Start sliding your finger or toy around the entrance slowly, perhaps in circular motions or back and forth, side to side to see how it feels. Continue this for a few moments to get used to the feeling. You may then, when you’re ready, start pressing into the anus – when it is ready it will start to accommodate you. With your finger or toy inserted experiment with trying out different techniques for what feels good, dip in and out, around and around. When you are ready and relaxed with this feeling, start trying to locate your prostate at the front wall of your anus. A gentle rubbing motion with your finger should be able to locate the walnut sized rounded lump and should feel somewhat sensitive to the touch.

After locating it, keep practicing a gentle ‘come here’ approach slowly on and around the spot to really start to enjoy the sensations. If you’d like a more overall sensation try stoking around your penis, balls and perineum at the same time. Continue to explore and enjoy the sensations, experimenting to feel what is best. If you feel yourself nearing the verge of orgasm and want to see how it goes, stroke harder and faster on your prostate and lets the waves of orgasm begin!

If you don’t achieve orgasm through prostate massage the first time around, don’t give up hope. Practicing for around ten or fifteen minutes a day a few times a week will give you a greater idea of what you like and what feels good. If you aren’t managing still, asking a partner you trust to try stimulating it for you may be another road to go down. Remember, many women take many years to be able to experience their first orgasm.

What are the best toys for stimulation?

Prostate massaging toys now come in a wide variety of shapes, materials and functions. Most prostate massagers have a tapered tip and a flared base to prevent the toy slipping too far inside you. These may come with or without vibrating functions; the choice is up to you. Vibrations can always be turned off and many have different speed/intensity and pattern settings. These types are also easy for a partner to use on you.

Currently a very popular range of prostate massagers is the Aneros, which is designed to be used hands free involving using your pelvic floor muscles and a perineum ‘hooked’ part to stimulate yourself. These types of anal toys may be something you want to move up to once you’ve hit the spot several times!

Where to now?

Now that you’ve located your prostate, experimenting with different toys, positions, partner play, as a precursor to penetrative intercourse will all be open to you. The male multiple orgasms may well be in reach if you simply practice, practice and more practice! Now best of luck to you, and get to exploring!


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