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The Best Condom for Her
Dec 1, 2015

Women enjoy having sex just like men enjoy having sex, but this little tidbit is scary but TRUE. Most women do not use contraceptives yes even including condoms.

Why do they not use condoms?

Well because they say that it doesn’t feel as good with a condom as it does without one. Condoms can prevent pregnancies, and STDs. What is the trick to using them regularly? Find the best condom for her, one that is fun to use, and that feels good too. If you try and try again I am sure that you will soon find one that fits your needs as well as the needs of your lover.


Women's Health Magazine has done the "dirty work" for you and have found these condoms to be the best for her pleasure.

The Best Condom for Her

One Tantric Pleasure Condom

Meet the latest spin on ribbed condoms. These come with one of three tattoo-inspired prints etched onto the condom for extra stimulation. Bonus: Once these condoms are on, it looks like your guy's got a tattoo on his penis - which definitely increases his sexy bad-boy factor.



How People Described This Product:

  • "I am purchasing these time and time again! Highly recommend such a great condom at a great price!" by Tina Roy
  • "Love the packaging. This a great condom, with fast shipping. Nothing more needed!" by Kerry
  • "Great condom! Used the whole package and no surprises on the way!" by Cykka Tron

Trojan Pure Ecstasy Condoms

These are wider near the head of his penis for added comfort. Plus, they're lubricated on the inside and the outside - which is awesome since almost half of people who’ve used the slippery stuff say it makes it easier for them to have an orgasm. The easy just got easier, women cum quickly most of the time anyway so why not heighten that pleasure with this trojan pure ecstasy condom. You are not only having an amazing love session but you are protecting yourself as well as your love as you do so!

How People Described This Product:

  • "They get the job done" by Remy
  • "Fits better than any condom I've ever tried." by SDW
  • "We tried these out just for fun, and they truly are mind blowing. It was AMAZING. We are hooked." by Carson 

Lifestyles Thyn Condoms

These are 21 percent thinner than Lifestyle's standard condoms - so it feels like there's next to nothing between you and your guy. I must admit that there have been several times that I used a condom and it just felt so weird and uncomfortable to me. I could not focus on the love making session all I could think about was this thing that was inside of me and it just didn’t feel right. I did not enjoy it one bit and don’t think he did either knowing that I wasn’t enjoying it. So trying something that is thinner would most definitely be better.


How People Described This Product:


  • "As a female, this was definitely a step up. My spouse really liked this product."  by Mermaidshopper
  • "They are slim and lots of sensations." by Chuck
  • "This is one of the best feeling condom I have tried! This is the only style we will buy in the future for sure. Signed, one happy wife!!" by Shelly 

Trojan Supra Bareskin Lubricated Condom

That said, if you're with someone who you know for a fact has been tested for STDs and has come up clean (and vice-versa), you can try this even thinner polyurethane condom. According to Trojan, it's "America's thinnest non-latex condom." I think this name says it all! Bareskin and Lubricated!!! I think I am sold! I love sex just as the rest of us and want to ensure that I am protected as well as my lover but I also want to be able to feel everything that I can.

Durex Performax Intense Condoms

If your guy has a habit of turning sex sessions into unexpected quickies, these are just what you need to help sync up your orgasms: A delay lubricant helps slow him down, while ribbing and dotting help speed you up. I know that I love to hit the peak and climax when my guy does, not only does it make me feel that much better knowing I am pleasing him but it makes him feel good as well knowing that we are enjoying this moment together. There are times where I get mine before he gets his or he gets his before I get mine and although we enjoy this little bit of time we had it is just not as great as it should be or could have been. So to have things slowed down for him and sped up for me would be an amazing time for the both of us to enjoy each other!

Things To Keep In Mind

The Best Condom for Her

Your guys size well it does matter (at least when choosing the right condom). If it doesn’t fit right guys are more likely to take the condom off, or they cannot climax at all and then it comes to the women as well enjoying themselves and studies have shown that women had a hard time climaxing as well. So when your guy has a box of magnum condoms its not an ego trip he is on, every guys erection is different.



Worried about choosing ultra thin? Don’t be! These love gloves aim to please, it makes it feel like there is less of a barrier between you and your lover. This also makes his erection last longer, and thinner doesn’t mean they will break easier they are just as durable as regular condoms.



Textured and her pleasure about 30% of women are unable to orgasm during intercourse alone. That is why companies started making ribbed and ridges, yes all for her pleasure! Climax control guys have admitted at least one time in their lives that they have climaxed too soon.


How can a condom help with that? Well on the inside of the condom there is a gel that has a mild numbing agent in it called benzocaine. Some guys need more added control while others do not because the condoms restrict blood flow and are able to help with early ejaculation.

Do you want a condom with spermicide?

Some say yes because it kills sperm on contact and it gives them the added security that they cannot get pregnant, while others say no because the promised can irritate the vulvar tissue and vaginal lining. This making it not very pleasurable for her and it also boosts her risk of contracting an STD or HIV. Added Sensations warming, tingling, cooling... ohhhh la la. These condoms seem to attract couples that want to spice things up a little bit! Non-Latex some people are allergic to latex and will never know until it is during the moment when you wish you would have never found this out!


So if you think you may be allergic to latex I'd suggest trying it out (maybe use a latex glove on your hand) so you do not find out the hard way. All in all it comes down to what you and your lover are in the market for. If you have never had the experience, or if you are wanting something more the best way to find out is trial and error, keep trying until you find something that works for both of you and makes your sexual experience that much better!


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