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The Corridor Canoodle Sex Position!
Apr 13, 2015

The Corridor Canoodle Sex Position:

Great for a quickie when you have an afternoon free.


How does this position work?

 Find an area at home where two walls are really close together as it would be in a corridor or bathroom. The male partner should lean against one wall, shuffle down into a sitting position with both his feet pushing against either the wall or other object such as a bath.


The female partner climbs on top of him with his legs supporting her entire weight allowing her feet to dangle on either side. You then go like you would in a sitting position thrusting back and forth on top of him.

The turn-on:

It's perfect for exciting, spontaneous sex when you just have to have each other!

The turn-off:

He'll need a lot of strength in his legs to hold the position for the duration and it might take you a little while to get comfortable in this position.


Difficulty rating: 4/5.

It is one of the trickier positions, but  well worth it when you have mastered the position.

Fun rating: 3/5.

The excitement of being pushed up against a wall will really get you both going.

You say:

This position rocks as we love doing it in the bathroom'



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