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The difference between cheap condoms & expensive condoms
Apr 13, 2017
The difference between cheap condoms & expensive condoms The difference between cheap condoms & expensive condoms

Last Updated: June 12, 2017

A thriving sex life is empowering, pleasurable and fulfilling – however practicing safe sex is key - not just for your physical safety, but also your piece of mind.


Condoms are readily available in most countries, making safe sex accessible to all of us, but sometimes making the safe choice is frustrating when you begin to add up how expensive condoms can be.


Here, we’re breaking down the factors that determine why some condoms are most expensive or less expensive, including a few tips to keep your costs down, while you’re keeping your safety level up.


The factors that contribute to condom cost

There are many factors that contribute to the cost of your condoms including the following:


  • Convenience

  • Specialty sizes and materials

  • Where you buy

  • Bulk versus singular purchases



Where you buy your condoms can contribute significantly to the cost. Typically if you buy your condoms from an online retailer, you can find pricing that’s slightly lower. This is due to lower overhead and less mark up because the retailer does not need to account for physical retail space – as well as special promotions in order to stay competitive.


Additionally, brick and mortar retailers understand that there may be urgency in walk-in customers’ needs for condoms and captive on this by marking up products. However, if you’re buying your condoms online – it means you’re not immediately in need of them (i.e. you don’t need them that very second, or that night.) Don’t hesitate to shop around and compare and contrast sites if you’re shopping online to find the best deal.


Specialty sizes and materials

Specialty condoms – such as those that are extra large or extra small, extra wide and extra thin can cost more in some cases because there are less economies of scale in the production of these condoms. In the case of larger sized condoms more material is also being used.


The physical material choice of condoms can also impact the price. For example, natural lambskin condoms tend to cost more because the material used in the condoms is naturally sourced and cannot be mass-produced the way that latex and non-latex condoms can be.


Where you buy

Where you buy your condoms can greatly impact their cost as well.  Aside from online versus brick and mortar pricing differences, within both groupings, there can be a wide range of prices for the same products.


Within a brick and mortar store, be careful where you physically buy condoms within the store. Within the aisles there are likely options that are more affordably priced per unit versus if you’re shopping in the impulse section of a drug store for example, you may find smaller packaging sizes with a higher cost per unit. This is because once again the retailer is capitalizing on urgency or a last minute impulse.


Boutique or specialty retailers tend to have higher pricing, whereas mass retailers typically offer lower pricing – packing size also impacts the unit price for condom.


Bulk versus singular purchase

One of the best ways to find the lowest cost per unit is to buy a larger package or bulk size of condoms. If you know what brand you like, and you’re a regular condom user - this is a great option for you. Buying singular or small packages of condoms immediately means the unit price is going to be much more expensive.


A word of caution if you are buying bulk: double-check the expiry date on the bottom of the package and quickly calculate if you will likely use the condoms in that time frame.  


Happy Shopping!



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