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The Erotic V Position!
Apr 13, 2015


What is meant by The Erotic V Position? 


The Erotic V position


The erotic V is a sex position that gets its name from the position assumed by the woman during intercourse. Firstly it requires the woman to sit on a sturdy table with her legs spread and leaning back. As soon as the man enters her she should bring her legs up and place them on his shoulders. For additional support she can wrap her arms around his neck  or lean back to support herself against a wall using her arms. 


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This position may also be called 'V is for Vixen'. Although the erotic V is most often used by heterosexual couples, both homosexual and lesbian couples use this position to spice up their sex lives. Homosexual men can use this position as a variation of anal sex, while lesbian couples can use a strap-on dildo or vibrator to achieve penetration.