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The Good Spread Sex Position!
Apr 13, 2015

Great for:

Mind-blowing sex whether it is anal or vaginal with her in the driver's seat! Plus he has a great view and free hands to do whatever he pleases with.


How does it work? 

Get your man to lie flat on his back and then climb on top of him. Slowly start spreading your legs out as far as you can get them before placing your hands on his chest and rock back and forth.


 The turn-on: 

The wider apart you get your legs, the deeper the penetration will be. Good news for you and your man.


 The turn-off: 

The stretch on your legs can start to hurt after a while.


 Difficulty rating: 3/5.

You might need to do a bit of loosening up first!


 Fun rating: 4/5.

Who doesn't enjoy being in charge?


You say: 

One of the best sex positions because it is great for helping to feel her cervix as well as a deeper feeling of penetration. 



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