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The Key to Unlocking Multiple Orgasms
Aug 27, 2015

Ladies! Ever had your friends talk about coming over and over again and you simply have no clue of how to get there? Ever wondered why you struggle to get to orgasm the one time, and can’t even imagine getting there twice in the one sitting? 


The Key to Unlocking Multiple Orgasms


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Read on to find out the best tips for setting yourself up to unlock the multi-orgasmic you that lie within every woman.


Practice your Kegels 


Did you know the muscles that contract when you orgasm can also be exercised to strengthen your orgasm? To isolate your pelvic floor or Kegel muscles, try urinating and then stopping your urination mid-stream several times. The same muscles that stop your stream also are the muscles that clench and unclench when you orgasm. 


 To make you more open to having multiple orgasms it is in your best interests to help these muscles along by giving them the exercise they need to get stronger. Once you’ve located your pelvic floor muscles the key to getting them stronger, like any group of muscles, is to keep exercising them. Kegel exercises come in multiple types of repetitions you can practice. 


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 An example set of exercises may be comprised of the following sets of reps: Twenty of the following – clench as hard as you can for five seconds then relax for two seconds Ten of the following – consider your clenching as a number from zero to ten, where zero represents not clenching at all, through to five, clenching half as hard as you can, through to ten, clenching as hard as you can. Move through from zero to ten with a second spent on each clenching strength and then back down to zero again. Practice these sorts of exercises three times a day for the best results.  


Luckily with your Kegels you can practice anywhere – on the bus, watching television, in a meeting, you name it – as no one can tell you’re doing it! Another useful tip for practicing your Kegels is to download a helper app. There are a number of Kegel training apps on the market that can provide exercise sets and increasing difficulty levels of exercises as well as track your progress so you can see how you are going.


Set the scene


They say the orgasm is all in the mind – and the best thing to put your brain in the mood for a sexy time is to create the right environment to turn yourself on. So sit back and have a good long think about what sort of environmental cues you are most turned on and relaxed by. A sexy scene may involve setting an entire night aside, turning off all distractions (put that phone on silent and turn off the TV!), putting on a new set of sheets, lighting some candles, slipping on some lingerie that feels sexy to the touch, some mood lighting, soft music…


The Key to Unlocking Multiple Orgasms


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Everything you can think of to ease your mind into that sexy, relaxed feeling. When your perfect sexy environment has been set you will be more susceptible to feeling good, leaving the door open to continue feeling sexy until you blow out those candles.


Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay 


You may already know this, however it is worth saying again: the best way to build anticipation (and possibly get to orgasm before the main course!) is through foreplay. Whilst we often think of foreplay as an appetizer to the main course it needn’t be only that.


Starting out with kissing, gentle breast massage, tight touching of the body and building into a greater crescendo leading to multiple orgasms. If you start off gentle like this and lead up to perhaps masturbation (let’s imagine you can get to orgasm number one from this), oral sex (let’s count orgasm number two and maybe even number three from this, if your partner can get you there!) and then intercourse (orgasm number four… five?).


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The key to prolonged foreplay and indeed possible multiple orgasms are not rushing through foreplay to either get to sex, or get to your orgasm. When you can feel the orgasm building - slow down instead of rushing to get there and really take your time. After the first orgasm you can continue with a slightly slower pace and then build up again quickly to continue the fun!


No man necessary 


If you’ve never experienced a multiple orgasm before, what better way to see if you’re capable than to DIY it. Perhaps you have a cupboard full of sex toys but nothing is doing the job, or the one that you have takes too darn long to get yourself to even your first orgasm. It may be time then to invest in some good quality toys that can get you off in minutes, which you can repeat again at your own will.


The Key to Unlocking Multiple Orgasms


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One toy that has been around for many years, getting women all over the globe from go to whoa is the magic wand. This little baby, originally wall powered but now in rechargeable versions (some would say the mains powered is still better) has that much power behind it that it can cause earth shattering orgasms in women who never have come before.


With all that power at your fingertips you can practice getting to multiple orgasms by stimulating your clitoris with your wand to orgasm then continuing pressing with the wand either straight away or a couple of seconds later, to see if you can get back to that spot! If you’re more of a g-spot girl get your hands on a curved vibrator or dildo for that essential g-spot stimulation.


Don’t back off after one 


Are you the type of girl that cannot be touched after orgasm? Floating away in a field of bliss, your nerve endings still raging? Stop that right now. Or shall we say, continue right now. You won’t be able to get yourself back to the brink again if you back off. You will be lost in that floaty feeling and probably end up asleep or just happy and mellow and not get to experience the joy that coming over and over again can bring.


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If you find it extremely difficult to be touched after just coming, the best thing to try is waiting up to 30 seconds and then getting straight back into it. Perhaps the stimulation may not be quite at the same pace as you were going, if that is too much too soon, but halfway there. You may end up finding yourself at the brink of orgasm again in a few minutes or even seconds. And one final note: the key to a multi-orgasmic state lies in your head - the brain is the most powerful sexual organ there is.


If you can manage to ‘let yourself go’, be free from the stresses of day to day life: whether you think you will be able make it to orgasm or not, whether you think you look fat from that angle, that work project that you have due tomorrow.Iif all these things can be blown away and you can just relax and enjoy the sensations, this will be what ends up getting you to that place you want to go. And isn’t that what every woman wants?