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The Kneeling Fox Sex Position!
Apr 13, 2015


Great for:

Deep penetration both for anal and vaginal.


How does it work? 

You get on your hands and knees and lean forward on your arms. The male partner must kneel while grabing hold of your waist and enter you from behind.


The turn-on: 

Most men love the thrill of a 'doggie-style' position so this is bound to get him going.

The turn-off: 

You don't get to look at each other or kiss making this position not the most intimate of positions.

Difficulty rating: 2/5.

He's working the hardest but the female partner should keep in sync with him.

Fun rating: 3/5.

You'll have really fast and thrilling sex causing both your hearts to race.


You say:

Not the most romantic position but it is great for G-Spot Stimulation and 'doggie-style'.



Trojan Enz Condoms

Anal Lubricants (for back door fun)

Finger Vibes