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The Lap Dance Position!
Apr 13, 2015

The lap dance is a tricky sex position in which the men sits down in a high-backed chair or couch and slouches slightly, with the woman straddling him. After penetrating her, she should lean back and carefully raise her legs until her ankles are resting on his shoulders.


The Lap Dance Position


To get more balance and perfect stability in this position, the man can hold the woman by her waist and she can support herself by placing her hands on his knees. The perfect foreplay before getting into the lap dance position is a lap dance. The woman can start off by putting on some lingerie and sultry music.


Condomania Recommendation: Beyond Seven Condoms


Then, she can bust out some sexy moves and allow her male partner to peek at her goods throughout the slow striptease.


By the time she works up to the lap dance, her partner will beg her to assume this position, or any position. This position is great for anal and or vaginal fun too! Make sure that you have your condoms and lubricant sitting out and ready to go. Once you start to get into this position, it is hard to try and put on a condom or lube, so make sure you do this early enough to not mess with your 'grove'.


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