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The Sexy Spoon Position
Apr 13, 2015


Great for slow intimate sex. Great for anal and vaginal fun!


 Sexy Spoon Position

How does it work? 


You lie in bed on your side while the male partner spoons you from behind. He should be entering you slowly to make bedtime cuddles a bit more interesting.

The turn-on: You feel really close and intimate, as well as getting an amazing orgasm! The turn-off: The position could feel a bit awkward initially, but stick with it and experience the position.


Good Read: What's the deal with men & anal?


Difficulty rating: 2/5 Super-easy!

Fun rating: 4/5. Whether you prefer it fast or slow, this position is great.

You say: 'This is the perfect solution for a lazy Sunday morning and surprisingly sexy, as well' 


Products to try with this position


Condom: Beyond Seven Ultra Thin


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