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The Slippery Nipple!
Apr 14, 2015

The ideal position for those times when you lack the energy required to really go for it.


slippery nipple sex position


How does it work?

The male partner positions himself in an upright while the female partner lies flat on her back. You then put your legs around him and shuffle on. He does all the work and you just have to lie back and enjoy yourself!


Be Sure to Combine With:  Crown Condoms & Door Slam Love Swing


Turn-on: He has his hands free so he can caress your breasts, clit, or whatever he likes.


Turn-off:  Not so good if you like to take control.


Difficulty rating: 1/5 - definitely a position for the gym-o-phobes among us!


Fun rating: 3/5 - he performs all the strenuous stuff while you get all the attention, sounds good to us!


You say: 'Great fun and it gives you a flat stomach!'