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The Sultry Saddle!
Apr 14, 2015

Great for those wanting to try something new. Having sideways sex is the best starting place.




How does it work?

The male partner must lie down with his knees apart and slightly bend. The female partner must then slot herself at right angles to his body into the middle. The partner should be putting her one hand on his chest and the other hand on his lower back.  Then continue rocking forwards and backwards until he hits the spot.


Turn on: 

This position is all about you, sowiggle around until it feels right.


Turn off:

It may require a bit of practice before getting it right, but then, who's going to complain?


Difficulty rating 2/5. 

It can take a while to get the positioning perfect.


Fun rating 3/5. 

If the trickiness doesn't hinder your performance and fun, then it's a winner! You say: 'Excellent position. You have to try it'


Enhancements to try out: