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The Top 5 Best Flavors to Help You Get Started
Nov 16, 2015

That happens to be a very good question. So, if you were wondering about the point of a flavored condom, you came to the right place. Maybe you will find this silly, but flavored condoms are not made for intercourse. Now I have baffled you, I apologize. See, flavored condoms are used for oral sex. There are many reasons as to why they are only meant for oral sex; so let me explain them to you.



Are flavored condoms safe? Yes! They are made to use for safer, well, blowjobs. They can help significantly reduce the risk of an STI during oral sex, which is fabulous. Another great thing is that the people who decided to flavor them must have done it because the taste of latex is not delectable. The invention of sweet, yummy goodness on a condom is great for oral sex but, unfortunately, has different effects if used for vaginal intercourse.


So, I can’t use flavored condoms for sex? Well, not exactly. I know it is a little hard to wrap your mind around the fact that a condom cannot be used for sex, but let me explain. Flavored condoms are coated with artificial flavorings and chemicals that are safe for ingestion, but not so safe for down in your lady parts. These sugars and chemicals can easily cause vaginal infections. Some condom manufacturers, though, clearly state that they are made for vaginal intercourse in which case you can totally use them for that purpose.


So what are the best flavors for flavored condoms? There are a multitude of different flavors out there and I wouldn’t be surprised if they come out with a build your own flavor machine, but that is the future. One of the most obvious flavors is the berries and fruity flavors which people tend to grab off the shelves these days. And recently they have come out with some novelty flavors such as bacon and even cannabis. You have to really pick and choose what flavors best suit your taste. Remember, the better it tastes to you, the better it will feel to him!


So, now that you know what flavored condoms are used for, I am going to set you up with a list of the best flavored condoms on the market to get you started.


1. Durex Orange: Not only do these condoms make you feel like you are in the Bahamas right when you open the package, they taste amazing. Not to mention they have the color to match the flavor. That could get interesting.


2. Trustex Mint: So you want fresh breath after going down? This is the product for you. Their mint flavored condom is their best-selling flavor.


3. One Flavor Waves Chocolate Strawberry: Typically comes in a package with a lot of different flavors, this flavor packs the punch. It is like you are sitting next to a chocolate fondue pot with a giant strawberry!


4. Glyde Blueberry: Blueberry Yum Yum is what these ones should be called. These take the flavor experience to a whole new level.


5. Lifestlyes Vanilla: The warm luscious sent of vanilla will get your senses tingling.


So there you are. You now have the information to help you make the right decision on the condom that will work best for you and you have a list of the best flavors money can buy.


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