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Thickness Ever - Okamoto Brand Condoms
Feb 18, 2016

There is such a wide variety of options on the market when it comes to condoms. Today, there are thousands of different brands and styles to choose from. I am here to discuss different types that we carry. Today's condom is the Okamoto condom.


Okamoto brand condoms are a truly Japanese brand and world leader in the production of high quality and dependable condoms. Since 1934, they've worked hard at creating products that allow you to have a great time in bed. With endless hours of research, they have created a material that is thinner and stronger than any other condom out there. It is called Sheerlon. All of their condoms are made from it. So you get a silkier, more "bareback" feel without any rubbery latex smell. The company is still looking at new innovative ways to push the envelope. That is how they remain the number one selling condom in Japan.

OKAMOTO has been pursuing and challenging an ultimate "Nothing-like" feelings over 75 years with the belief that the essential factors for the feelings are "Thinness" & "Softness," and pushing the boundary by the world's most advanced technology. In addition to these 2 factors, needless to say, "Safety" is the most important factor for condom.


Thinnest in the World OKAMOTO is able to manufacture the world's thinnest latex condoms which conform to the requirements of ISO 4074:2002.


Even Thickness


One of the best unique features of Okamoto condom is "even thickness." Although some other manufacturers recently appeal thinness of their condoms like "0.03mm" or "thinnest," it actually means only a thin point (normally the bottom of condom). On the other hand, Okamoto's condoms are evenly thin from the open end through the middle to the closed end.

All of Okamoto condoms are manufactured according to ISO 4074:2002 standard, and, acturelly, satisfy much more values than the requirements in the standard. The following are the certificates that our plants acquired.

Okamoto condoms are proved to be softer compared to competitor's items by internal modulus, and you can also see the characteristic by swelling up the condoms by yourself.


Okamoto 004 Zero Zero Four is one product we carry. Almost nothing from the makers of Crown and Beyond Seven 70 years of expertise go into every 0.04 condom. Made of Sheerlon latex for a thinner, stronger, more sensitive condom. When you’re wearing almost nothing, you’re going to feel everything .004, almost nothing condoms are half as thin as other comparable condoms. This ultra-thin technology lets us provide the ultimate sensation, while keeping you up close and personal with the ones you love. Okamoto 004 condoms are that’s thinner than almost any other condom on the market. It delivers a dramatic difference you can both see and feel.


Natural Rubber Latex Condoms

Lightly Lubricated

Okamoto was formed from the merger of four companies: Nippon Gum Industries Ltd., Riken Rubber Co.,Ltd.,and Okamoto Rubber Co., Ltd., with our present name being adopted shortly after the merger. Okamoto is a cohesive and dynamic enterprise comprised of the ideas and technologies of each of the above companies. More than 70 years since its foundation, after a long history in the 20th century Okamoto continues to grow by leaps and bounds in 21st century.

Okamoto matches technical capabilities with abundant creativity to manufacture products contributing to healthy and enjoyable human lifestyles, and aims to give great satisfaction for all those encountering Okamoto.


Management Philosophy


Okamoto strictly observes all laws (including administrative directives, policies, etc.), employment regulations, and corporate ethics.

Firmly founded on principles of unique development, Okamoto actively and comprehensively undertakes to develop and provide products useful in the daily lives of people and through strict pursuit of high-quality, Okamoto builds trust in its original brand, and maintains robust competitiveness in domestic and overseas markets. Okamoto continues to work well, making all possible rationalized efforts to ensure constant good relations with users and customers.

In a coordinated way, the entire Okamoto is united in its efforts to create a meaningful and rewarding workplace.


Standards of Behavior


Rising to meet challenges and overcome difficulties strongly with ideal and passion and not always seeking the easy way, but instead maintaining a law-abiding spirit, strong will, and energy.

Okamoto strives both to understand people and to be understood, and to prioritize team play.

Continuing to work well, and making all possible rationalized efforts to ensure constant good relations with users and customers while cultivating the capability to broaden our perspective and adapt to changes in our world.

The technology of Okamoto is leading the way to the future in a diverse array of fields.

Okamoto's mission is to accomplish the following factors, along with using power of science to build the future:


- Years of accumulated experience

- Honed technology

- Trusted reliability

- Ceaseless research

- Development that constantly pushes boundaries

- Inquisitive sprit that endlessly seeks out new challenges


The boundaries of science and technology are pushed every day by Okamoto's specialists in advanced fields working with a professional team of line workers. The satisfaction of customers today motivates them to achieve the approval of tomorrow's customers. Okamoto promises to continue its pursuit of originality and create an improved, more comfortable future.


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