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Top 5 Easy Sex Positions For the Best O!
Apr 13, 2015

Today we are giving you the Top 5 Easy Sex Positions for the Best O! Just sit tight, read the article and perform the way it's supposed to be done.


Top 5 Easy Sex Positions For the Best O!


The Slow Climb is an easy position that is a modified Missionary position.  While you are on your back put a pillow under your butt and lift your hips bringing your legs up and back towards your shoulders.   This will allow your man to have better ease of thrusting and deeper penetration.  A definite plus for both of you!  This position can stimulate your G-spot.  This should be considered a warm up manoeuvre.  Once your G-spot feels like it has been stimulated enough put your legs down and have him lift his pelvic bone upward aligning with your clit, he then will rock against this area until you climax.  This whole position is a slow burning one that brings you to the brink and increases the sensitivity to these areas.  If you are like me and it takes a little more than rubbing to get the clit stimulated there are lots of Female enhancement gels such as WET Wow and Intimate Organics that help this along!


For The Better Doggie Style lie on your stomach and lift your tush slightly.  If need be use a small pillow to help you out. Your partner can prop himself up on his hands in the push-up position or lay on top of you.  This face down arrangement will provide increased friction as he moves in and out and you can gently grind your clitoral area against the bed or pillow as well.


This easy one is aptly names the Criss Cross Applesauce, because hey we all need a lazy way to get big O while we are tired after the last one!  While you are on your back have your partner lay on his side turned towards you.  Swing both of your legs over his hips and thighs.  Now all he needs to do is gently thrust into you.  This pose is ideal if it takes you awhile to reach the big O.  Since neither of you expel much energy in this position you can both go longer.  This position allows for clitoral toys such as the Petite Treats to help you along, he can control the speed, or you can just use your own hands or have your partner use his hands.  And I do recommend using a lube as spit can cause infections.


The Table Top, this position is an easy one.  Just changing the scenery might increase your big O feeling!  Take it to the kitchen ff your table top comes to your man’s waist.  I am sure a coffee table would suffice in a pinch.  Lie down on the table with your tush at the edge; he will enter you while standing, kneeling for the coffee table, between your legs holding onto your hips for leverage.  Rest your feet on his chest or the edge of the table.  Because he is standing or kneeling his hands will be free to stroke all over your body.  With him in this perpendicular angle it will be easier for him to touch your clit unobstructed.  To have an even better O clench and lift your tush, this increases blood flow and pelvic tension to the area.


Here comes The Lap Dance, which should be a favourite. While your man is sitting, straddle him so you are face to face.  This puts you in control of the speed, angle and motion.  You are able to do all this with your arms and legs.  Rather than just up and down which of course is tiring to you, you are able to sway back and forth rubbing your clit on him.  If you lean back just a little, you will hit your g-spot while you are moving and he will again be able to play with your clit. And he will be able to have fun with your breasts.



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