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Top Condom Mistakes That You Should Avoid for a Happier Sex Life
Mar 21, 2016

We all know that using condoms is an effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancy as well as the increasing number of STD cases such as herpes and AIDS. Of course, you don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why despite the condom’s effect of reducing sensation and that undesirable smell, most guys still consider it as a handy tool when that urge suddenly comes out. But it is not just enough to use condoms. There are actually ways on how to use condoms correctly. Also check out our article about How To Use A Condom?

So, here are the top condom mistakes that you should avoid for a happier sex life:


Not checking if it has any damage beforehand


Before you even put on a condom, it is important that you check if it has any damage. There are a lot of people who never bother to check if it has tears or holes.


Not checking the expiration date


Yes, you have read it. You may not be aware of this, but just like any other commodity, condoms have expiration dates too. Check that date which is printed on its wrapper. However, don't be confused with the expiration date (EXP) and the other date which is the manufacture date (MFG). Normally, plain condoms will last up to 5 years. Try to read our previous article that discussed the Most Reliable Condoms.


Not discussing the use of condom with your partner


Several women are not happy when the guy springs condoms on them at almost the last minute of lovemaking. The key here is that both partners must discuss the use of condom beforehand.


Putting it on at the last minute of the action


Many couples just use the condom at the last minute of action, thinking that they are already safe. What they didn’t know is that some sperm can be released before that much-awaited climax, posing not only pregnancy but STD risks as well.


Not leaving space at the tip of the condom


Another proper use of a condom is to leave some space at its tip. Before putting the condom on, you have to gently squeeze the tip of it. Its purpose is to remove any trapped air and also leave space for the sperm. If the guy’s best friend occupies all the space including the tip, the condom will likely to break.


Putting it on incorrectly


A lot of men still commit this mistake, not realizing an inside-out condom is more likely to slip off. If that happens, go get a new one. You will easily find out if you put it the right way when the condom looks a little like a ski cap with its bottom edges rolled up and not under. As the cap should fit over the penis, the brim unrolls easily down the shaft.


On the other hand, the biggest mistake of all is not putting on a condom. You always have a choice to be a responsible sexual partner. Avoid those potential problems brought by unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Armed yourself with that handy tool for a happier sex life. Visit our site for best-selling condoms that will accompany your sexual adventure.



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