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Trojan Condoms Reviews
Apr 13, 2015

Trojan® condoms have been America’s #1 condom for over 90 years. Made from premium latex to prevent risking unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, Trojan condoms are highly trusted and are a well-known brand among those who want to practice safe sex. Trojan condoms currently come in over 30 different varieties, including Trojan Ultra Thin, Trojan Twisted Pleasure and those designed for maximum sensitivity. 


Trojan Condoms Reviews


Each condom goes through a highly regulated electronic testing process to ensure the utmost reliability, which is just one reason why millions of American’s prefer Trojan condoms over other popular brands. Learn more about some of the most popular Trojan Condoms below:


Trojan Ultra Thin 


Made from high quality yet super thin latex, Trojan Ultra thin condoms offer the ultimate in increased sensitivity without sacrificing protection. The Ultra Thin from Trojan protects just as well as a standard condom, but is thinner all around and especially near the head of the condom to offer the best experience.


Trojan Twisted Pleasure


The recently re-designed Twister Pleasure condom from Trojan includes a generous bulging shape at the end for added sensitivity and pleasure for both partners. The loose feel of the latex provides an exciting dynamic action designed to stimulate nerve endings and heighten the feel and sensitivity.


Trojan Charged Condoms


The addition of a new, sexually enhanced lubricant makes Trojan Charged Condoms the most orgasmic condom ever made. The design includes a relaxed shape and ribbing in all the right places. This, in combination with a new lubricant designed to increase sensitivity in both men and women, provides the most intense condom experience.




Trojan Supra Condoms


The Supra condoms from Trojan are made from a highly advanced polyurethane formula called Microsheer that’s thin, soft and hypoallergenic. Trojan Supra condoms have no taste or smell and are also clear. They include a simple ribbed design for added pleasure.  


Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy


Featuring a new, revolutionary design, the Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy condom combines an ultra roomy design that lets nerve endings stay in the game in order to feel every moment of the sexual experience. The Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy condom from Trojan is an excellent choice for those looking for an alternative to thin condoms that traditionally offer a tighter fit.


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No matter which Trojan condom you choose, you can always rest assured that you are using America’s preferred condom for the ultimate in safety and satisfaction.  Whether you opt for traditional, lubricated condoms or go for one of the newer shapes and innovations in condom designs, you will never go wrong with Trojan brand condoms.


Through the company’s dedication to providing high quality products that are thoroughly tested before they reach the customer, Trojan has provided some of the best condoms on the market today. Take a look at all of the different Trojan condoms available to see how safe sex can be simple and fun when you have the right condom for the job



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