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Trojan Thintensity For Intense Sensitivity And Comfort
Apr 5, 2016

There is such a wide variety of options on the market when it comes to condoms. Today, there are thousands of different brands and styles to choose from. I am here to discuss different types that we carry. Today's condom is the Trojan Thintensity.


Trojan Brand Condoms are America's #1 condom and have been trusted for over 90 years. Trojan Brand Condoms are made from premium quality latex to help reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Each condom is electronically tested to help ensure reliability. There are over 30 varieties of Trojan Brand Condoms. More Americans trust the Trojan Brand than any other condom.


Trojan Thintensity is one of Trojan's most loved products. Sensitivity Thintensity is a latex condom made by Trojan. For Ultra Sensitivity, Thintensity condoms are Over 25% thinner than standard condoms, designed for a more natural feeling. Slightly longer and slightly larger at the closed end. They feature a special reservoir end, for extra safety. They are made with UltraSmooth™ Premium Lubricant – for comfort and sensitivity. Made of premium quality, low odor latex, to help reduce the risk of STI and unwanted pregnancy. Thintensity condoms provide the most comfortable fit. There isn’t actually that much difference between brands or styles of condoms, this one, however, is different. It comes closer than any other to the feeling of not wearing a condom at all. They’re strong, but thin. For some guys, they might be too thin - they have a higher tendency to break, watch out! Each Trojan Brand Condom is electronically tested to meet U.S. safety and reliability. New from Trojan, but Trojan isn’t new. America’s number one choice of condom for 80 years. Made in the USA. Of course, everyone is different, so trying different ones is useful. If you're looking for something similar, take a look at "SKYN" from Lifestyles.


TROJAN THINTENSITY Condoms with Ultrasmooth Lubricant are Ultra Thin with a comfort shape for intense sensitivity and comfort.

Over 25% Thinner Than Standard Condoms – Designed for a more natural feeling.

Comfort Fit – Slightly longer and slightly larger at the closed end.

UltraSmooth Premium Lubricant – For comfort and sensitivity.

Low Latex Odor

Made from Premium Quality Latex – To help reduce the risk.

Each Condom Is Electronically Tested and Meets U.S. Standards for Strength – To help ensure reliability.


So how does a TROJAN Condom become a TROJAN Condom? Glad you asked because you don’t become America’s most trusted brand without a commitment to quality. The TROJAN Quality Control team keeps a vigilant eye on each step of the process. When raw latex arrives, Quality Control specialists take samples and test them based on strict specifications. They then test again at the end of the vulcanizing process. Don’t know what vulcanizing means? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. See Step #1 below where the process is defined. During dipping, Quality Control technicians monitor and collect condom samples hourly. The samples, with lot numbers, carefully recorded, are taken to the lab and put through several tests. If samples from any batch prove to be sub-standard, the problem is investigated immediately and corrected. Sub-standard lots are rejected and destroyed.


Condoms are then dried, coated with a non-stick agent and tested for air burst break and volume properties, and for water leakage. Only lots that pass all required testing are permitted to be processed further. All sub-standard lots are rejected and destroyed.


After the electronic testing process the condoms are individually sealed in foiled pouches, and ready for final testing and Quality Control acceptance. At this stage, all lots are tested for air burst pressure and volume, a proper seal on the foil, and that all labeling, cartooning, expiration dating and lubricant weights and type are correct. Only lots that pass all of these requirements are released for sale by Quality Control. All other lots are destroyed.


Here is a brief overview of how TROJAN latex condoms are made.


Step #1: Building strength with vulcanization

No, vulcanization has nothing to do with pointy-eared aliens. It’s the process we use to compound raw latex, giving it strength and elasticity. We pump raw latex into compounding kettles, add other materials and turn up the heat. We then store the liquid latex compound in stainless steel tanks.


Step #2: A quick dip, on to the oven, then a bath

Many a health spa would be jealous. We dip clean glass molds into the latex bath, then cure them in an oven at 175 º Fahrenheit. From there, the glass molds are given a hot-water bath. Then, rotating brushes remove the condoms from the molds.


Step #3: On the dry side

The condoms are dried in batches of about 50,000 in large dryers for two hours.


Step #4: Electronic testing

Electronic testing machines make sure every TROJAN™ condom is up to snuff. Each condom travels on a stainless steel mold into a water solution charged with an electric current. If current passes through the condom to the mold, there’s a hole in the condom and it’s off to the "reject" bin.


Step #5: Foiled

The condoms that ace the electronic test are individually sealed in foil pouches, and coded with a lot number and expiration date. Pouches are inspected by hand as they travel off the line.


Step #6: Hitting the shelves

We insert pouches into cartons and code them with lot numbers and expiration dates. We then bundle the cartons and ship them to retailers.


Condomania.com is Americas First Condom Store and has been selling condoms since 1991, We have sold tens of millions of condoms from the largest and smallest brands. Condomania, America's first condom store, was established June 1991, in New York City. Condomania strives to assist customers of every age, sex, culture, and sexual orientation in the purchase of condoms and safer-sex products. Gone are the days of embarrassing drug store horror stories. Fading fast are those last-minute latex introductions. Today, women and men are becoming educated and proud customers of condoms, dams, and lubricants. Condomania is the premier source for condom reviews, wholesale condoms for your organization as well as custom wrapped and custom printed condoms (yes on the latex condom itself). Our expert staff is here to help with any questions. Call 800-9-266-366.



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