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Vibrating Condom Rings
Apr 13, 2015

Ideal for those couples who want to spice up their love life without trying anything outside their comfort zone. They will discover that a vibrating ring used together with a condom is just what they need. 


The vibrating ring provides a targeted vibration resulting in intense sensations making sex  more exciting experience for both the partners.  The vibrating condom rings are disposable and can only be used once, the perfect option for partners who have never used a vibrator or any other personal pleasure device, but eager to experiment with these handy little tools.  Most vibrating condom rings available are designed to be used with a condom and is supplied with a battery lasting around 20 minutes. 


Many manufacturers market both the condom and vibrating ring together in one package. This makes it easy to have protection and pleasure covered in a single and simple purchase.  Vibrating rings have become more popular in recent years, making it easier to find. It is usually available anywhere, including online retail sites and the local drugstore.


Vibrating Condom Rings. New and Exciting

 Using the vibrating ring is an easy way for couples to be introduced doing something that is both new and exciting in the bedroom.  Popular vibrating rings from Trojan and Durex make it simple to turn up the heat in the bedroom.  Vibrating rings are simple to use and manufactures from soft materials. The comfortable designs offer users a vibration that is moderate yet satisfying, allowing both partners to enjoy the experience.


Designed to deliver a vibration level allowing all couples to enjoy the experience. This includes those just starting out and those having past experience with a vibrating ring or other personal pleasure devices.  Positive reviews received about the latest vibrating rings indicate that these inexpensive little gadgets provide the users with a comfortable vibration, satisfying without getting overbearing.  Because they can be used with a condom you will be able to stay safe. 

Most of these disposable vibrating rings will typically be using tiny powerful batteries concealed within the ring.  Used correctly, a vibrating ring will intensify feelings and deliver a whole new level of pleasure to your sex life.  Couples that have never used a vibrator or other personal enjoyment device will find that a vibrating ring is a wonderful and easy tool to introduce you to fun in the bedroom without being intimidating.  Small steps like using a vibrating ring will make a huge difference in your sex life. Your partner will be begging for more, making you feel great..




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