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We Vibe Tango Product Review
Oct 21, 2015

 Before starting to use this spectacular We-Vibe Tango, I had some reservations.. I had previously heard that this product was among the best vibrators available. I had also heard that We-Vibe had a reputation for high quality toys. After receiving the tiny package in which the We-Vibe is delivered I thought there was no possible way something this size could offer me the pleasure everyone was so hyped up about. Boy oh boy, was I in for a delightful surprised! This vibrator is the full package! It is lightweight, rechargeable, easy to carry & store, and has several strong speeds and settings that have even this toy purring with enthusiasm! I can easily say that this toy is definitely one of the best vibrators out there. Without a doubt, I would recommend this product to everyone! 

We-Vibe vibrator offers a list of special features: Waterproof, 4 speeds, 4 patterns, rumbly vibrations, quiet, travel friendly, rechargeable, and worth every penny! This toy can literally fit into the palm of your hand. It's no bigger than my middle finger, at just 3.5 inches long and 2.25 inches around. Although it is long enough to be used internally, this little vibrator is the key to clitoral climax. The pointed tip is picture perfect for spot-on stimulation, and the angle of the tip is perfect for positioning the vibrations to exactly where you want it.


The outside of the Tango is plastic, besides the silicon button, and two metal bumps for charging. Typically, plastic is not considered a higher end material, but this toy brakes the glass! The plastic is hard and completely body safe and feels sturdy. This product comes in either blue or pink, and looks attractive in either color preference. This is a vibrator you could easily carry in your purse.


The Tango vibrator offers some of the most powerful vibrations that are sure to please anyone. Despite it's tiny size, this is one of the strongest vibrators I have ever come across. The vibrations are powerful enough to please the most experienced user, but still wouldn't overpower a beginning user. The highest setting is astonishing, but absolutely not something I could start off on. I always have to work up to the work my way up to the top setting, and it is always a pleasure doing so!


The vibration settings are:


1. Low

2. Medium Low

3. Medium High

4. High

5. 9 Pulses, followed by Several Quick Pulses

6. Roller coaster from Low to High

7. Quick Pulses

8. 2 Long Pulses, 3 Quick Pulses


This vibrator is 100% waterproof. Overall, I am in love with the We-Vibe Tango. It makes my knees shake, and my clit very happy. This product is the strongest, high-quality vibrator I have even encountered for this size.This is basically the only vibrator I will ever need to use. I can easily say that I will recommend this toy to anyone!


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