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What are the Benefits of Flavoured Lube?
Jan 26, 2018
Flavored Lube

While you have likely recently read all about the exciting, and slightly bizarre, new flavoured lubes on the market – weed flavoured, bacon flavoured, unicorn spit flavoured, there are actually a large range of really delicious flavours designed to make your playtime even sweeter. Before all the crazy flavours started popping up flavoured lubes were already a thing. They were already delicious and they were already helping couples to indulge in some seriously amazing oral sex. So forget the gimmicks and let’s look at the benefits of using a flavoured lube. It’s time to spice up your taste buds and your love life all at the same time!


What are the benefits?

  1. Flavoured lubes are great for people that may be a touch sensitive about giving a blowjob. Whether you are concerned about the taste or smell associated with someone else’s genitals, or you are completely new to the whole idea, then adding a flavoured lubricant into the mix can make going down seem a little less scary and much more enticing.


  1. They can make oral sex even more fun! Yes, blowjobs are all about giving pleasure to your partner but that doesn’t mean you can’t both get some enjoyment from the action. Adding in a yummy lubricant is a much safer option than using what you might have lying around the house already. Common foods like honey, chocolate or whipped cream might taste delicious but if you go covering your body with them, they are likely to play havoc with your genitals. This is because of their sugar content and the fact that sugar and your natural PH levels don’t really get on. But more on this later. Back to the benefits!


  1. Flavoured lube can make your playtime seriously sexy as, once you see your lover walking over with that bottle of flavoured lube you know exactly what is about to go down… them. Knowing that someone is there solely to please you is a damn big turn on.


  1. Flavoured lube doesn’t just taste good; it smells good too! Sex is a multi sensory experience. It’s all about the sensation of touch and sight and sounds, so why not add some more sensory fun into the mix? Having a delicious smell lingering in the air while you get at it will alert your senses even more and get your brain into action – the brain is the bodies biggest sex organ after all, as it is where sex drive and sexual arousal stem from. If you can stimulate the brain in this way, then the body will follow suit too.


Of course flavoured lubricants have all the benefits of normal lube too.


  1. Lubricant eliminates any delay between becoming sexually aroused and actually getting down to business. This is because, with lubricant on hand, you do not need to allow the vagina to produce its own natural lubrication as lube can be used in it’s place. Of course, I would never suggest you skip the foreplay entirely but sometimes, a tight schedule calls for a trimmed down version.


  1. Lubricant is also an essential item for women as they age, and anyone with a body that produces less natural lubricant. All vaginas are different and sometimes, regardless of how aroused the owner of said vagina is, getting wet and wild enough for penetration just isn’t going to happen. Luckily lube is here to jump in and save the day with a smooth, wet and wonderful ride.


  1. One of the most important benefits is that lube helps to prevent condoms from breaking. In most cases a condom tearing or breaking during intercourse is due to a lack of lubrication. While most condoms will come slightly lubricated, the amount is usually minimal and nowhere near as much as you need to ensure the condom remains intact. Plus, condoms do make vaginas lose their lubrication faster so having lube to top up as required is essential.


  1. Lube ensures a smooth ride and reduces friction which is obviously great for all parties! It feels awesome but this also helps to prevent bacterial infections. Friction causes heat on your genitals and it is heat which encourages bacterial growth, so, basically the more cool, calm and collected you can keep your genitals during sex the healthier they will be in the long run.


  1. Lubricant is essential for booty play! The anus is not a self lubricating organ so, if you don’t lube it up first, you are going to have a pretty rough time of it if you try to get anything in there, whether it be a penis, a sex toy or a fist. Even a small finger can be pretty sore and irritating without lube. Plus, the skin inside the anus is super thin and easily torn so reducing the friction with lubricant is super important.


  1. If you or your partner are well endowed, then you are going to want to use a lot of lube! This will help with insertion by making the penis slide inside easier but should also help the receiver feel more confident in taking something of such a large size inside their body. Being nervous about something can have a major impact on your physical body making you want to tense up. If you are dealing with a large penis and this happens you are going to massively struggle to get it inside you, so being calm, comfortable and aroused are essential for this to happen.

What is flavoured lubricant actually made of?

Flavoured lubricants are literally water based lubricants with added flavour which is why they are safe to ingest orally. If you are going to be using flavoured lube for vaginal sex, including going from oral to vaginal without thoroughly cleaning the penis first, then you will need to be a bit warier of the ingredients list. Some flavoured lubricants will have use sugar to sweeten, which can wreak havoc with your genitals and introduce bacteria and feed yeast. Those that are prone to yeast or bacterial infections downstairs will need to be extra wary. There are a few terms to look out for when it comes to avoiding sugar as it likely won’t be called this on the label. Also avoid anything containing sucralose or glycerine as these are just synonyms for the same thing.


Of course, most of the top selling brands avoid sugar at all costs and have found ways to create a delicious lubricant without any risk to your PH levels. There are lubricants that will be naturally flavoured using the actual ingredient i.e. real strawberry, or a lot of brands that use stevia in place of sugar. Stevia is a great option as it is non-fermentable so won’t feed yeast.


How can I use it?

When it comes down to it a flavoured lubricant is really just a water based lubricant that tastes good, which means that it can be used in all the same ways as you would use your regular water based lube. It can be used for vaginal sex, anal sex, with toys, with condoms and of course, for oral sex. Just bear in mind that flavoured lube used for oral will likely run out pretty quick because it tastes so damn good! But as I mentioned earlier, there is no need to worry about ingesting a bit while you are playing as these lubes are safe to swallow. Just make sure you get a big enough bottle to last you a few sessions.


What are the best ones to try?

I have a few personal favourites to tell you guys about. While I generally prefer my Pina Coladas with a little (I mean a lot) of rum in them, the Pina Colada flavoured Lube by Sliquid is seriously delicious. The Sliquid flavoured range focuses on creating subtle flavours to enhance rather than disguise the natural flavour and aroma of your body which is super cool. They basically take an already delicious time and make it even better. Bless them! They use all vegan products and no sugar so there is no worry about any yeast or bacteria to mix with your precious PH levels. For those that aren’t really into coconut they also have a Green Apple flavoured lube that is super fresh and tasty or a Strawberry and Pomegranate lube for those that like their playtime nice and sweet.


And if you are into strawberry then you better give the Astroglide Strawberry lube a try too. This is one of our best selling lubricants and is rated 5 stars by our customers. Based on the hugely popular Astroglide formula, this lube is super long lasting and won’t dry out on you. Plus, it tastes amazing! Trust me, it’s the sweetest sex you will ever have.  


Flavoured lubricants are a simple and delicious way to add a little something extra to your playtime. Just make sure you check out the ingredients list and find an option that is body safe, not just edible, and is a flavour that you love!