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What are the Best Condoms Available?
Jan 31, 2018
Best Condoms Available

So many condoms. So little time! The condom world is no longer a get what you are given kind of place, there are literally thousands of condoms to choose from with different sizes, styles, colours and even flavours available.


Even with this wide variety there remains this long held idea that you can just grab any pack of condoms and they will work the same way for all people. Of course, this is just not the case. Your body type, partner, skin sensitivity and expectations of the sexual interaction all effect the type of condom you should be wearing. Because, not all condoms are created equal and a one size fits all approach just ain’t gonna cut it if you want to really enjoy yourself.


The key to comfort, safety and enjoyment is a condom that fits. But it can be difficult to even know where to begin when it comes to finding the best condom for you. But what is deemed the best really comes down to personal opinion. I can however point you in the direction of our best-selling condoms across the range and let the customers determine which are the best!


These are our top selling condoms as picked by you…


Trojan Condoms

Best Condoms Available

This brand has been around for about 90 years and are the most trusted condom brand in the world, and, for good reason. They have 29 different styles to suit your every need, meaning that there really isn’t much need to look elsewhere. Trojan make their condoms from premium quality latex and they test every one of them electronically to ensure reliability and strength. And that means no unwanted pregnancies and no sexually transmitted diseases yay!


Trojan are also the brand behind the ever popular Magnum range. If you or your partner are on the larger side downstairs, then you will know exactly what I am talking about. The Magnum range is designed for those packing a fair bit of heat downstairs if you catch my drift. While many other brands have now caught on to the fact that not all penises are created equal and different bodies need different sizes, these guys are still number one for the big boys and the term Magnum is now pretty much a synonym for an XL condom.


Look out for:

Beyond their larger sizes, Trojan has also created a condom that is perfect for those with latex allergies. The Trojan Naturalamb condom is a latex free option using a super thin sheep membrane (sorry animal lovers!) that provides a skin on skin feeling like no other. They have an adjustable band to secure it too, meaning that it is also a great option for someone that struggles to find the right size and fit.


However, these condoms are only designed to be used by couples that know their sexual health status as, being an animal product, they will prevent pregnancy but they do not prevent the spread of STD’s. Clearly, not the ideal product for a one-night stand but great for those in a long term relationship! Also keep it mind that it is not latex so it will smell and likely feel pretty different to what you and your partner may be used to.


Glyde Condoms

Because I am feeling a little bad for anyone that was just grossed out about using an animal membrane as form of contraception let’s dive on in to a vegan sex lovers best friend! Glyde condoms has gone above and beyond to remove all the nasties from condoms and create a product that is free from parabens, glycerine and other harsh chemicals. Plus, it’s completely body friendly and vegan certified. Whoo! If you think you have seen these guys around before, that is because you likely have. These guys are a mainstay of many sexual health clinics worldwide as their product is so damn reliable.


Glyde condoms use a plant based formula to deliver a sheer, silky condom which will enhance comfort and increase your pleasure. They use a patented technology that has the best body heat transfer available meaning that it feels super close to having nothing between you at all. They also put these condoms through a double wash process before they are all sealed up to reduce the latex smell and leave no funny taste for those lucky enough to get their mouths around one.


Best Condoms Available

Look out for:

Speaking of taste, they also do a bunch of flavours like Blueberry and Chocolate that actually smell and taste good and, because they don’t have any harsh chemicals there is no funny chemical after taste either.


Naked Condoms

Best Condoms Available

Now a condom for those that like their play time a little bit fancy. Naked condoms are pretty much the worlds only luxury condom. And while they may be the baby of the condom company bunch, only being around for the last 20 years, these guys have gone above and beyond to the make the most pleasurable condom in the world. The fact that they constantly top the worlds best condoms list and are one of our best sellers suggests that they are doing a damn good job of it too.


Naked Condoms are known for their patented Pleasure Fit technology and guarantee that all of their condoms are triple tested before they leave the factory. Pleasurable and safe… I like it! Yes, they are a little pricier but that is because it is designed better and produced better. This isn’t one for a drunken one-night stand but for a partner that you want to pamper and enjoy some of the best sex of your life with. The best sex is naked after all.


Look out for:

The amazing cigar style box that all their products come in. This packaging is super subtle and really beautiful. There is no need to hide these ones!


Okamoto Condoms

Okamoto Condoms are officially named the best condom company in Japan – which is saying a lot bearing in mind that Japan is where the best condom technology is founded. They are the world leader in the condom production industry for their high quality and super dependable latex-rubber condoms. These guys have been in the business for a long time and they have spent that time creating a supreme quality material that is lighter, stronger and thinner than any other condom on the market.


This material is called Sheerlon latex and it creates a condom that is half the thickness of regular latex condoms. That’s a pretty big feat! They set out to replicate the ‘bareback’ experience of not having a condom on at all, and to be honest, they are pretty much there. These condoms are incredible, providing a ‘skinless’ feeling to your sexual encounters. And while you may think that being that thin would have some effect on the level of protection and durability that a condom can provide, that is actually not the case. Okamoto Condoms are still super strong and go through vigorous testing before they hit the shelves.


Best Condoms Available

Look out for:

The Okamoto 004. This incredible condom is super, duper thin, measuring only 0.04mm! Crazy! And still super strong. If you really want the barely, or honestly not there at all feeling, then this the product for you.


Caution Wear Condoms

Because safety doesn’t take a holiday! Especially when it comes to sex. Caution Wear Condoms are all about safety and they are doing everything they can to keep those pesky unwanted pregnancies, STD’s and HIV the hell away from our precious bodies. Thanks guys! But seriously, if you are really concerned about the strength and reliability of your condom then these are the condoms for you. Caution Wear Condoms exceed strict FDA requirements and are created adhering to the highest international standards.


But all this talk of safety doesn’t mean that these condoms aren’t going to provide you with a killer sexy time! So don’t be put off by the name, although these guys sound hard-core (and they are) they still make a bunch of super fun styles like ribbed and super thin and they come in super cool packaging. In fact, some of the packaging is kind of cute so don’t worry about scaring someone off when you whip these bad boys out.


Look out for:

One to look out for is the Caution Wear Iron Grip condom. This is the snuggest condom on the market for those guys that require a slightly smaller size. It still measures 49mm in width which is the standard fit of a snug condom but it is created using a latex with much less stretch which is why a lot of men find it to be the best fit if they are on the smaller size.


Best Condoms Available
Best Condoms Available

Beyond Seven Condoms

Beyond Seven Condoms are made by the same folks as the Okamoto range meaning you get all the same benefits of their advanced Japanese technology. They use also use Sheerlon latex, which has none of the nasty latex smell, to make the strongest and thinnest condom on the market. The Beyond Seven range is a bit larger than Okamoto with studded condoms, ultra thin condoms and something a little different too.


Look out for:

The Beyond Seven Aloe condom. This is a standard condom that features an aloe based lubricant on it. This option is perfect for those that have skin sensitivities as it is a water based lube, unlike most other condoms that use a silicone lube. This condom is also very generous with the lubrication and has about 4 x the amount of a standard condom to keep you slippery the whole time. Get set to get wet guys!


Don’t forget to keep in mind that the size of a condom and the right amount of lubrication are the two biggest factors in your enjoyment and safety of your playtime. Try a few different brands and a few different styles till you find the one you love. I promise you the perfect condom is out there!