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What Condoms Feel Best
Mar 15, 2016

Everybody loves a great feeling condom. With the industry being as large as it is today it can be hard finding what works best for you and your partner. Today, I'm going to break down a list of the best feeling condoms on the market to better guide you in the right direction. When it comes to sexual encounters, feeling means everything. You want your partner and yourself to have the best feeling condom every time. The following condoms are products that we at Condomania.com provide for our customers.

Trojan’s Fire & Ice Condoms:

Trojan’s Fire & Ice provides pleasure for both him and her. Its dual action lubricant on the inside and outside of the condom delivers warm, tingling sensations that will drive both of you wild. Trojan designed this rubber to be comfortable, and you can move freely for a more natural experience. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice safety. Its tapered bottom ensures that it stays in place for a more secure fit. What is more, this model is made from premium quality latex, which reduces the risk of allergies. Trojan is also one of the most trusted brands on the market today, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality stuff for your money.


The secret behind the magic the Trojan Fire & Ice condoms is Trojan's super-enhanced heating and tingling lubricant! The Trojan Fire & Ice condoms include a generous amount of lubricant that coats not only the outside but also the inside of the condom. The Trojan Fire & Ice condoms are made out of top grade Latex and include Nonoxynol-9 as the main ingredient in the Trojan Fire & Ice condoms patented warming and tingling lubricant. Aside from the warming and tingling lubricant, the condom itself is quite smooth and has an attached reservoir tip. Since the Trojan Fire & Ice condoms are made out of latex it is not advised to use any other type of lubricant that is not water based while using these condoms. While using the Trojan Fire & Ice condoms, you can expect an intense but very satisfying experience!


LifeStyles Pleasure Ribbed Condoms:

Made from premium quality latex, this innovative model from LifeStyles offers a low scent and a ribbed texture for added stimulation. Its unique design and lubrication provide the ultimate level of excitement and pleasure for both him and her. The reservoir tip also allows for extra comfort and safety. As an added bonus, these rubbers are very affordable, so you can enjoy yourself without breaking the bank. The only drawback? Some guys complain that LifeStyles pleasure ribbed condoms are just too big for them. If you’re concerned about your size, you may want to consider a different brand– but we still recommend trying these at least once so long as the fit isn’t compromising your safety or comfort.


Crown Skinless Condoms:

Crown’s Skinless Skin allows for the highest possible level of sensitivity. These lubricated rubbers aren’t contoured, feature a reservoir tip and have a pink tint. You won’t even know you have one on! These are the same condoms used in adult films. Even though they’re designed to be thinner than the average latex protection, they are still strong enough to endure your sexual adventures. Crown Skinless Skin Condoms are Japanese-made and combine the awesome feel of super-thin, super-strong latex with a slightly wider, more comfortable shape. Crown condoms represent the best of Japanese latex technology, considered to be the most advanced in the world. Crown skinless skin condoms are the thinnest condoms you will ever use, yet they remain just as strong and just as safe as any other premium quality condom. Even though the Crown skinless skin condoms are made of latex, they are odorless and tasteless because of the amazing Japanese latex production technology. With Crown skinless skin condoms on, you are as close as you can be to riding bareback. At only .05mm thin, no wonder it feels so amazing!


Crown Skinless Condoms are one of the thinnest condoms on the market today, offering increased sensitivity, a great fit, and optimum protection. By utilizing ultra-thin, lightweight premium latex, Crown Skinless condoms provide an incredibly smooth surface that glides along smoothly without sacrificing strength. The unique shape and optimum fit feels great too, without any bunching, slipping or tearing to worry about. Created using cutting-edge Japanese latex technology, which is considered to be some of the finest in the world, Crown Skinless condoms combine superior comfort with a strong, premium latex barrier that offers reliable protection from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. When used correctly each time you have sex, Crown Skinless condoms are a highly effective and pleasurable way to practice safer sex. Keep in mind: These are slightly longer and wider than normal rubbers, but they’re also tasteless and odorless.


Beyond Seven Ultra Thin Condoms:

Beyond Seven condoms are an example of the best latex technology in the world. These super thin condoms are made of a latex called Sheerlon, so strong it can be made thinner than ordinary condoms without sacrificing reliability.These condoms are perfect for those who are seeking a condom which is slightly more narrow, offers maximum sensitivity and is of average length.


Beyond Seven condoms are so thin and feel like a second skin because Sheerlon is a type of latex that is so strong that it can be stretched thinner. Beyond Seven condoms are definitely the go-to condoms if you're looking for a condom feel that is like you're not wearing a condom at all! Beyond Seven Condoms are also tighter for those who need a smaller condom.


If you wear a Beyond Seven condom, you will never have to worry about the condom slipping off. You may think the condom isn't there because it's so thin though!



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