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What is A Female Condom
Dec 2, 2015

We've all heard excuses from men about having to wear a condom. It's too tight. I can't feel anything. I don't like them. It doesn't fit, too small or too big. He wants to go all nat-ur-al. I can't afford them. I'm too embarrassed to buy them. Even, I've been tested, I don't need to use one. So ladies, why not take the initiative and use a female condom? The next time you hear an excuse, you can just say, "Hey, I've got my own."


A female condom is used to prevent pregnancy as well as the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). It can be used for vaginal or anal intercourse. It is a pouch that has a ring on both ends. One end is closed, the end that is inserted deep into the vagina or anus. The open ring end stays on the outside of the vagina or anus during intercourse. It covers the inside of the vagina to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and collects the pre-cum and semen when a man ejaculates. Thus keeping the semen from reaching the egg. Since it covers the wall of the vagina, it reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Just about all females can safely use female condoms. As a matter of fact, if you can wear a tampon then you can use a female condom. They are safe to use during anal sex as well.


Many females like to use them because they are easy to use, convenient, and safe. When using the female condom, ladies share the responsibility of preventing pregnancy and the spread of disease. They don't require a prescription. They are easy to purchase at drugstores, supermarkets, and even more discreetly online i.e at FC2 Female Condom. They are inexpensive at around $4 each. They can be inserted as a part of foreplay. They can be used by people who are allergic to latex. Most are made of polyurethane. As long as they are not latex, you can use oil-based and water-based lubes with them. They can even enhance intercourse by the ring that stays on the outside of the vagina stimulating the clitoris. It will even stay in place no matter if the man is erect or not.


Some women and men may not like the female condom due to the fact that they reduce the feeling of intercourse. Some women says that they cause irritation to the vulva, penis, or anus. There can be some slippage during intercourse as well.


Practice makes perfect. With some practice, female condoms are pretty easy to insert. Lubricant or spermicide on the outside of the closed ends helps. Get into a comfortable position, rather it be lying down on the bed, squatting, or standing. Squeeze the sides of the closed end and slip into the vagina just like a tampon. Push the inner ring deep inside the vagina, as far as it will go until it reaches the cervix. Pull out your finger and let the outer ring hang outside of the vagina about an inch and wha-lah. You are ready for action. (It inserts into the anus the same way.)


It is normal for the female condom to slip side to side, but try to make sure it stays outside of the vagina. If the condom slips into the vagina, it is okay to pull the condom out and re-insert it as long as there is no ejaculation in it.


To remove the condom, twist and close the open end of the condom to hold the ejaculation inside of the condom. Gently pull the condom out of the vagina/anus and throw the condom in the trash.


The female condom should not be used with the male condom. This is likely to cause friction, thus making it more likely breakage will occur. If not enough lube is used, it can also make strange noises. It can be inserted up to 8 hours ahead of time, as to not cause interruption during the heat of the moment, making an easy transition between foreplay and intercourse. Polyurethane is stronger than latex and allows more heat in between two bodies - providing a unique and a more natural sensation. Some couples enjoy the "closeness" of using the female condom because the man doesn't have to withdraw as soon as he ejaculates.


The female condom is also approved for sex in the water. Since the condom is inside the vagina, the less water will affect it and less likely it is to slide out. Polyurethane is less likely to break down in chemicals like chlorine. How sexy is that?


There have been mixed reviews on the female condom, but there are mixed reviews for everything. You can't knock it, till you try it. Women used to cringe at the thought of wearing a tampon, but it caught on. The female condom is the only female contraceptive that protects against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. That should empower women. It gives ladies the choice to be protected making sex less risky for her as a female. It even has been reviewed as being a little more expensive than male condoms. In my opinion, you got to look at it this way - it is less expensive than a child or doctor visits from contracting a disease. A child is your responsibility for the first 18 years of their life, but they are still yours for a lifetime. Diseases like HIV, AIDS, and genital herpes last a lifetime. You'd have to inform every sex partner you have for the rest of your life of your disease. I don't know about you, but if my potential sex partner were to come to me and tell me that they have an incurable disease, I would definitely be thinking twice about that person becoming a sex partner. Nobody wants that. So ladies, why not take the initiative and use a female condom?


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