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Wholesale Condoms - Saving Your Manhood
Apr 15, 2016

Everyone’s made that midnight run to the drug store in desperate need of man’s best friend, the one thing that can make or break a romantic evening. Small, medium, triple XXXL for the more... well-equipped men. Though if you’re buying a triple XXXL, your blood pressure might be a much larger concern.


However, buying condoms can make or break a man’s ego. Now, while women will say size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it. But when boys are in the locker room, giving each other hell, who really wants to say they buy a little smaller than usual for the man downstairs?


Put yourself in the moment. Hot date in front of you, stripping down, and you’re reaching for the condoms in the nightstand, only to find that you forgot to replenish your stock. Not only will you be left in a bit of a blue balled situation, you’ll also have to face the anguish of trudging down to the store, trying desperately to hide that very evident bulge, while also trying not to make eye contact with the store clerk that’s trying not to crack up at the size of the condoms. Not everyone can be overly blessed when it comes to their manhood. But you can solve two problems at once by purchasing wholesale.


Quick Wholesale Buying Guide


Condomania.com provides a much-needed solution for this problem that plagues the more average sized man. No more standing in line, worrying if the cute store clerk will scoff at your choice or the more conservative couple behind you that’s clearly judging your every move. Buying online eliminates the middleman, giving you a chance to let your inner freak fly and buy without remorse. From condoms in every size, color, flavor, and texture, to toys that can make your partner’s dreams come true, or even keep you satisfied between dates. No more shame in buying what fits right for you, and finding a place to release pent-up tension into something that everyone indulges in...well, there’s nothing wrong with that.


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Now let’s look at it from another point of view. Perhaps you like a specific flavor when you’re deciding on a condom brand, and some stores simply don’t carry it. Why go the lesser route and settle for ordinary when you know your tastes are far more complex? No one settles anymore. Ribbed, heated, her pleasure, his pleasure...there’s so many different choices now, though surprisingly there’s still no condom that can masturbate for you.


We’re definitely putting a patent on that one though. Anyway, you’re a classy tastes kind of buyer, you don’t want to settle for what’s thrown on the shelf, you want the best. Condomania.com has a special wizard that can decide the right condom for you, based on a variety of different specifications. Can you walk up to a store clerk and start asking which glove might fit your tool? Well, you could, but that’s considered sexual harassment.


Condomania Wizard 

Say you want to buy a vibrator, and don’t want to have to deal with the stares that come with that. Even in adult stores, you’ll get judged by what you’re buying, it happens to everyone. There’s no sense of privacy, which is why online sales for adult toys flourish. No one wants to admit their kinky fetishes in a crowded store with a clerk that’s probably sampled the merchandise on her break hour. No one wants to admit that they masturbate, Hell, most people won’t admit that they have sex.


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Sex is a taboo that’s shamed in so many walks of life, yet we all know it happens. After all, we did learn many years ago that the stork is simply a myth. Kids have to come from somewhere. But how many people do you know that will outright say, yes, I have a lot of sex, I use toys, and anyone who doesn’t like it can suck it? Very few, unless you just happen to know some pretty crass people. The fact is, sex is forbidden, a sensual act that shouldn’t feel so good, yet we keep coming up with devices to make it feel better than a fresh slice of pizza on game day.


Ask anyone you know what their favorite thing to do is, and sex will most definitely be in the top five. So is masturbation but no one will willingly admit to that one. And a prerequisite to bumping uglies with your significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, sometimes even people you don’t know, is wrapping your equipment. What guy wants to send their date to the store and have to say out loud, “I need the small”? Odds are, that date isn’t coming back. Size doesn’t matter, but once you say it out loud, it becomes this thing, this elephant in the room that no one can jump over. And after that, you’re done for.


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All in all, wholesale is the better option for more than one reason. Convenient, private, and you can let your mind wander when you’re choosing what you want, rather than let your fluster get the best of you. Save yourself the walk of shame in and out of the store, and buy condoms wholesale. Condomania.com is the solution to every problem you could walk into. Adult toys, condoms, even games to spice up your dulling love life, you can find it all in one place, and avoid the awkward runs to the store in the middle of the night, and the even more humiliating purchase of that super-elite mega vibrator that has a billion speeds, or the ben-wa balls that you really don’t want to make small talk over.


The fact is, some things are private. Some things we don’t want to broadcast to the rest of the world. Unless you’re making a sex tape, or you are incredibly proud of the endowments you’ve been given, it’s something we all keep in our top drawer, hidden beneath socks and underwear. A taboo within a taboo, yet it’s something we all do, and will never stop doing.



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