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Why do men enjoy performing anal so much?
Apr 13, 2015

Top 11 reasons why guys enjoy performing anal sex with their woman.

Why do men enjoy performing anal so much?

It's Taboo

Anal has, throughout history been known as a sexual forbidden fruit so to speak. According to research, this 'off limits' factor makes it seem extra appealing to men. Guys do tend to want what they can't have, right?

It's a Primal Thing

The rawness of anal sex turns men on. After all, anal is all about sex just for the sake of sex. Plus there seems to be a bit of a thrill factor when women make themselves available and vulnerable in this way.


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The Control Factor

Being in control always seems to excite him! Part of the anal appeal comes down to one thing, Power. The man definitely has all the power and control during anal, especially when he is on top of her in anyway. The woman is pretty vulnerable in this position. Being in the dominant position can be super hot, especially for men who aren't particularly domineering or super masculine in their day-to-day lives.

Less Risk of Getting Pregnant

There is very little chance of getting pregnant. In all reality, his semen could leak out and find its way to the right spot, so you should always still use condoms to be safe, however, with that being said, the chance of getting pregnant during anal is very unlikely. 

It's on the 'Must try' list

Most men have Anal on their 'must try' this sexual position list. However, it isn't very high up on most women's lists if on it at all.

Why do men enjoy performing anal so much?

They Feel Like They Might Be Missing

Some guys may want to do this because they think that everyone else is doing it. They may feel like they are missing out on something if they don't try it. Porn is everywhere now and anal sex has become standard in pornos. So, men see it in action even if they aren't looking for it. Way too many men equate what they see in films with what they want or think their sex life should be like. Thus, they feel like they should be doing this and or feel left out if they aren't.

It's Tighter

Anal is tighter and therefore offers more friction which causes more sensation. This to a guy sounds amazing, especially if your guy says he doesn't feel much because of wearing a condom. Even when wearing a condom anal is much tighter as it doesn't stretch near as much as vaginally.


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It's Super Intimate

Having anal can demonstrate a sense of love, trust, and deep connection from her as she is willing to give all of herself up to him. Many guys enjoy anal because on an emotional level it seems much more intimate than ordinary vaginal sex. With anal there is a lot of prep, communication, and foreplay that need to happen in order for everything to work out in the end. Any time anal is going to happen you need to make sure that you have lots of lubricant on hand as the anus isn't self lubricating.

His Ex allegedly loved It

While some sexperts say that women in general prefer vaginal sex over anal, some really enjoy it and even ask for it. They say that when a guy's last partner was down with anal, he may want to do it with his current partner who may or may not be comfortable with it.

Men like Variety

Something new and different will be especially appealing for guys who get bored easily. For many men, anal is seen as a sort of gift from their partner, it's rare and super special.

He is a 'Tush' Man

Many men love women from behind! A lot of guys admit that the very first thing that they noticed about their partner was their behind. It is as simple as that, some men love their women from behind and just want to be super close to it! So, with all of that being said, you need to make sure that before you perform any sort of anal that your partner is cool with it. It may take a bit of coaxing, but be patient. Sex between two people should be enjoyable, fun, and exciting for both partners! 


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