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Why Extra Strength Does Not Mean Extra Safe
Mar 30, 2016

You’d think that having an extra thick condom would make you extra safe, but that’s not true. It’s actually a combination of things that determine the safeness of a condom. There are many things that can make a condom weaker. Things that you may not have known about. I’m going to give you some tips on making sure you do not reduce the effectiveness of the condom. I am also going to tell you about the most reliable condom, the strongest thin condom, and the thickest condom.

You need to protect yourself from STDs and pregnancy. That is why making sure you do not reduce the effectiveness of a condom is so important. Here are a few tips for you.


Expiration Dates:


Expiration dates matter. It can be found printed on each individual package. There may be a manufactured date printed, but there should also be an expiration date. 61% of people never knew that there are expiration dates on each condom wrapper. Most condoms are made of latex that degrades after a period of time. Each condom manufacturer has tested how long that period of time is. They then put an expiration date on the package. If you use a condom that has expired, the latex is considerably weaker and puts you at a much greater risk of the condom breaking.




Storage matters. Store your condom properly. Do not place condoms in your wallet. If it’s in your wallet all day, every day, it’s exposed to your body heat constantly. Condoms are made of latex that cannot get too warm because the latex will degrade. Do not store your condoms in direct sunlight either such as on top of your dresser right under your window. The safest place to keep your condom is in a cool, dry spot such as a dresser drawer.




Make sure you’re using condom-safe lubricants. Condoms are easily damaged by oil-based lubricants, like petroleum jelly, which degrades the latex. Instead, water-based lubricants such as KY Jelly should be used.


Use Correctly:


Lastly, be sure you are using the condom correctly. If you’d like to read more about how to use a condom.


When condoms are advertised as extra thick that alone doesn’t make them extra safe. You need to follow the above tips in order for a condom to be as effective as it possibly could be. Without following the steps above any condom, even the extra thick kind, will be less effective. If you are looking for added protection then I would suggest following the above tips and purchasing one of the three condoms that I am going to talk about below.


Strongest Thin Condom:


First, let’s look at the strongest thin condom out there. You know those condoms that advertise about their thinness and natural feeling? Do they ever make you a little leery? Well, me too. Which is why I did a little bit of research on which “thinnest” condom is the thickest. While there are thinner condoms out there, Crown Skinless Skin condoms have been voted number one for 15 years in a row for both safety and feel.


Thickest Condoms:


Sometimes men just can’t help themselves and have issues with early ejaculation. Especially if it’s your first time. That’s why there are extra thick condoms to help you out with that. Extra thick condoms reduce the feeling a little bit to help you not ejaculate too early. I’ve done some research on the thickest condoms and found that Lifestyle Extra Strength condoms are the thickest condoms. These not only help with early ejaculation, but can also provide extra protection against STDs and pregnancy. They are also safer for anal sex. Anal sex causes more friction and can break condoms easier than vaginal sex can. That is why it’s best to use thick condoms when performing anal sex.


Most Reliable Condoms:


Consumers Union did a test to find the most reliable condom on the market. They tested 20 of the top condom brands. Condoms are typically tested by inflating them with 17 or 18 liters of air to test for breakage. For Consumer Unions' test, they inflated the condoms to 25 liters. They found that three condom brands did not break in 500 to 600 tries; Lifestyles, Trojan, and Durex. They all proved to be about equally reliable.



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